Pretty Preppy

I don’t know about you, but something about a button-down layered under a sweater or cardigan screams “preppy” to me.  I personally love this look(always have, even when I was going through my skater/pacific sunwear phase in high school), as I’m sure you’ve no doubt gathered by the predominance of this type of look on my blog.

I also think lace is about as girly/pretty/delicate as you can get, so it was fun to  pair a preppy/slightly masculine silhouette with a dramatic hi-lowish lace skirt.

Okay this skirt.  It’s old.  Really old.  Like pre-optometry school old(I started optometry school 7 years ago so it could easily be almost a decade old).  It’s from WHBM and it’s one of the ones I’ve had tucked away in the too small drawer.  I didn’t even think about it technically being a hi-low skirt, because despite my love of polka dots and stripes, I’m not one to jump on trends just because they are trendy(case in point: I HATE neon, skinny jeans and this trend of baggy shapeless tops with booty short shorts).

But it definitely is shorter in the front than the back(which just goes to show that there are really no “new” trends, everything is just recycled.  And also, save stuff.  It will probably be back in style at some point).


Sort of sideways pic to show off the hi-lowish quality of the skirt:


{Blouse: Ann Taylor, Sweater: Express, Skirt: WHBM, Shoes:, Necklace: Banana Republic}

If you are noticing that my hair looks darker, well it’s because it is darker.  I’m working with the stylist next door to create a dark red to strawberry blonde ombre high-lights hair situation and this is the base color.  I’m going in today at lunch to have some ombre high lights put in along with a trim(and some more rehab for my poor bangs).

Next time you see me, I should have a totally new ‘do!



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