Stripes on Stripes

Did you miss me on Friday? Probably not…but in case you wondered where I was, well, I forgot my computer at home when I went to work.  I took my pictures and everything but no computer=no blogging.  Not like it’s really a big deal.  I’m sure on one is sitting at home with bated breath waiting for me to post my blog.

Anyways, I’m still continuing on my quest to use up as much of my closet without repeating any pieces as I can, so that’s where this conglomeration of pattern mixing came from.

I ended up really liking how it turned out even if it was a little on the crazy side.

Let me explain the sudden appearance of darker than normal legs…..My skin doesn’t really tan.  And even if it did, I’m not really into the baked leather moccasin skin look.  I’ve embraced my porcelain skin for the most part.  I like how the skin on my face looks.  I don’t want it to change color.

However, my legs I’m not nearly as satisfied with.  I have a long history of leg hate. Besides being to pale they are on the large side(particularly my thighs), have lots of cellulite and now recently, spider veins keep popping up everywhere.  I have tried so many self tanners and none of them really worked and I hate the smell/feel of them on my skin(plus the upkeep is exhausting).

However, when I have an occasion where my legs are going to be more visible(ie, wearing shorts like I did this weekend), I start panicking and wishing I could magically make my legs darker.

Instead of trying and hating another self-tanner, I purchased some sally hansen leg makeup and tried it out as you can see in these photos.  I did NOT apply it evenly enough(as you can see on my feet) and there was definitely some streaking on the back of my legs.  I think with practice it could become something I reach for when I’m feeling extra self-conscious but I didn’t even end up using it at all during the weekend.


And a very twee picture for you viewing pleasure.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


{Dress, worn as skirt: Gap, Shirt: Limited, Cardigan: Talbots, Shoes:Rackroom}

How was your weekend?

Friday afternoon my sister came down and got an eye exam by yours truly.  After picking out her new glasses, we headed downtown to grab a quick bite before heading to meet her husband and my parents at the Lucas theatre.  The Lucas is a beautiful theatre in downtown Savannah that was originally built to be a movie theatre back in the early 20th century.  It’s got gorgeous carvings and amazing architecture.  Now they have plays, concerts,  and symphony performances there as well as movies.  Every Friday night this summer they are playing different classic movies, and this past Friday they were showing our favorite family movie of all time: Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

It was pretty epic.  The theatre staff handed out plastic coconuts to several patrons so they could accompany the movie.  We had a fantastic time and then walked around and enjoyed the cooler weather for awhile.

Hubby’s uncle and soon-to-be aunt visited us this weekend as well.  They were supposed to arrive on Saturday at 10am, but their flight ended up being delayed and they didn’t arrive till almost 2pm.  Hubby and I spent the unexpected time off having breakfast together then buying some patio furniture and a pressure washer.

We toured the historic district in the afternoon, stopping by Leopold’s for ice cream.  We had a late dinner at our favorite local mexican joint down the street from our house then watched a hockey game(well, they watched the game, I crashed out on the floor).  Sunday morning was big breakfast then we went to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum(very cool and educational) for a few hours.  We just hung out the rest of the afternoon and then my parents came over and we had a nice steak dinner in honor of Father’s Day.

Our company left early this morning to drive down to Florida to spend a week with hubby’s parents and sister.  They’re flying out of Savannah so we’ll be seeing them again next week.

It was a great weekend, but I’m honestly looking very forward to the upcoming weekend where we have zero travel plans and no company coming.  It will be nice to get back into my sewing room(since I haven’t sewed a thing in at least 2 weeks).


10 thoughts on “Stripes on Stripes

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you so much. I always wonder if I’m going a bit over the top with my multiple pattern mixing.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I’m always so impressed by your re-fashions. I don’t seem to have much success with refashions. For whatever reason I do better starting from scratch.

  1. Andi says:

    I really like the stripes on stripes! The floral cardigan pulls it all together and pink shoes are always the right decision. I’ve mostly embraced my pale skin, but I have my moments. I think I’m too lazy to try self-tanner or leg make-up. Did it rub off on things? I’d be really nervous about sitting on a couch and leaving a smear of make up behind!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It didn’t seem to rub off on anything once it dried. Now, I can’t speak to sweat because I put it on in the morning and then cleaned it off my legs at lunch in the sink at work with some soap and water because I was sick of the uneven-ness.

      I’m lazy too, but I *may* try it again. No promises though. haha

  2. dragonfly1121 says:

    Very cute! Can you get your legs spray tanned? I can’t really say anything, I’m 1/2 Italian so I just each lunch outside for a week and I’m good to go. Monty Python on the big screen…super jealous over here!!!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I could go the spray tan route. My sister had a spray tan done and it looked good, but around where I live they go for $40+ and it’s still a nasty chemical mixture that I don’t really want on my skin. I think if I spent a bit more time on the leg makeup it would be better.

      Yes, Monty Python on the big screen was epic. Particularly since the theatre it was in was not an AMC or some modern theatre, but a beautiful theatre from the 1920’s with tons of intricate carving.

  3. kittehluvs says:

    Is the Gap striped dress a recent purchase? I loves it. Great outfit and hair. And I didn’t notice the streaks on your legs until I read the description.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It’s from last summer, unfortunately. They had something similar about a month ago but it appears to be sold out online. Maybe in stores though?

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