I’m more than a little anxious for the work day to be over.  I’m heading to meet up with my mom after work and then the two of us are heading up to my sister’s house for the weekend.  She’s having a spa-themed party and I’m going to help with the manicures/hair/makeup.  Obviously you’ve probably picked up that I LOVE doing hair/makeup so I can’t wait to flex my makeup artist(I’m not a real makeup artist, obviously) muscles and try out some fun looks on my sister’s friends.

My car is completely packed with all my makeup(I have a TON), hair styling tools and manicure supplies.  I have both gel and non-gel polishes and two curing lamps.  I wish all you guys could come and hang out with us!!

For today’s look, I’m wearing a top I picked up at Target last week for a few bucks.  Literally, I believe it was on clearance for less than $3.  To make it even better, it’s a top I’d been wanting to get/watching for several months so I was pretty happy to score it for such a ridiculously low price.

Of course I wouldn’t just pair it with any old cardigan….If I can pattern mix, I pattern mix! I really like the combination of leopard+polka dots, but I definitely didn’t want to wear a long sleeve cardigan in the middle of summer(at least summer-like weather).  I’ve tried rolling up the sleeves of this cardigan before, but I really didn’t like how it looked.  So today I tried something a little different….I rolled the sleeves up on the inside of the sleeve and voila instantly created a 3/4 sleeve cardigan.

PS-the bruise from my root canal is very obvious and a nasty yellow/green today. Sorry!

spots (1 of 1)

I tried a new hair curling technique today.  After you curl each piece, you twist it into a dreadlock like thing and let it cool. Then once your whole head is done, you run your fingers through it to release the curl. I like how it made my curls look very natural.

spots5 (1 of 1)

I did a silver/gold eye today based off of this picture from pinterest:


*I had just saved the picture to my phone without the original source, so I don’t know who to credit it to, and a google search of the name watermarked on the picture didn’t bring anything up.

Here’s my version:

spots4 (1 of 1)

Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Spots

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! I did have a great time with the girls. Only one ended up wanting makeup, so mostly I was doing hair/nails, but it was still fun!

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