Non-Matching yet Matching

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my June Dress!!  I definitely think it will go down as one of the nicest(or maybe the nicest) dresses I’ve ever made.

I try, as much as possible to make as many outfit combinations out of each piece of clothing I own as possible.  I mean, that’s real life isn’t it? Real women don’t have a seemingly unlimited budget to constantly be buying new things.  Nor are we constantly gifted new products from big companies.  We have to make due with what we have. That being said, I do recognize that I have a rather huge wardrobe(seeing as how I’ve gone over a month now without repeating any of my clothing).

Some pieces are easy to keep re-wearing in different combinations.  A black pencil skirt for example is nearly limitless in it’s possibilities.  Other pieces, particularly those that are statement pieces in their own right are much more limiting in what you can wear them with.

My teal, brown and chartreuse striped Banana Republic skirt is one of those limited pieces.  I love the skirt to pieces but I had previously worn it in just about every way I could think of with the pieces I have in my closet.

With my closet finally getting pared down as I work through my No-Repeat Challenge, I saw the skirt hanging there begging to be worn again.  The only top I had left that looked like it would even remotely go was this mossy green floral top I bought a few years ago in Florida.  Even though the color of the blouse is not found in the skirt, it somehow works because it looks like it’s a combination of the brown+chartreuse from the skirt.

The dark teal cardigan and necklace really serve to bring it all together.

nonmatching2 (1 of 1)

Most of the time, I try to at least partially coordinate my makeup with my outfits. It’s not always visible in my photos, but here’s one where you can see the addition of teal liner to my upper lid(since I got several comments that you guys didn’t mind my posting more than one picture and doing other poses, I’m taking full advantage of that fact).

nonmatching4 (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Ross, Skirt: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Maurices, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Target}

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



3 thoughts on “Non-Matching yet Matching

  1. kimmie says:

    I totally love the colors in this outfit, and love that you match your makeup to your outfits. It’s so YOU to do that 🙂 And your eye make up is so pretty- I wish I could do fun colors but I just end up looking like a weirdo 😦 Damn these Asian eyes.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Haha…yes, dramatic and over the top is kind of my calling card! My parents told me I came out a ham and that really hasn’t changed in the 31.5 years I’ve ben around. And yes, having large eyes/eye lids definitely makes makeup application much easier. But hey, you get the beautiful skin and amazing silky hair that makes me jealous so…..

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