**For the entire month of May, I’m doing a N0-Repeat Challenge.  I will not be repeating any  piece of clothing throughout the whole month(shoes/accessories/undies not included).  At the end of the month I’ll show a Before/After of my closet(I’m putting pieces already worn in another closet for the duration of the challenge)**

The practice where I work has three locations.  The one which is closest to my house(5 minutes) is the one where I pretty much never work(just an occasional fill in here and there).  As the day was winding down yesterday and I was just about to pack up my stuff and head home, the practice close to my house called me.  The doctor there had already left for the day and an emergency patient had just walked in the door needing treatment.

Because it’s on my way home, I told them I’d be heading out right away .  I felt a little like Gandalf riding in to save the day at Helm’s Deep(yes, I am a nerd, get used to it).  In regards to the emergency, I’ll just say this, for the love all things holy, if you ever decide to have refractive surgery done, PLEASE have it done by a board certified corneal specialist in an eye hospital or clinic…NOT in a strip mall fly-by-night chain store.

I shall step down off my soap box now.  When I originally put this outfit together, I had paired it with a cobalt blue cardigan.  I liked the idea of light rose+cobalt blue, but somehow when I got it on it was too cartoonish or something.  I hated it.  I immediately started ruffling through my cardigans and decided to use this merlot-ish colored one. Definitely an improvement, though the outfit works well without the cardigan too.

rosey2 (1 of 1)

And without the cardigan:

rosey1 (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory, Cardigan/Skirt/Shoes: Target, Necklace: Banana Republic}

Any big plans for the weekend?  We’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. Hubby is working all weekend(on Monday he gets Vacation pay plus time and half for whatever hours he works) and I’ll be sewing, cooking and cleaning.  I know it might seem boring, but I actually find accomplishing things to be more fulfilling/fun/relaxing than flitting about doing nothing.

I’m planning on finishing the June Dress since the wedding I want to wear it to is on Saturday.  Mood Fabrics still HASN’T even shipping my fabric swatches so I have decided I’m going to have to just make the bustier/shelf bra out of polyester.  I would like to make a coordinating clutch and hair piece as well.

I’d also like to grade down the skirt part of my skirt suit pattern and make a muslin for it.  If time allows, I might start actually making the suit(I scored 10 yards of suiting at Hancock fabrics for less than  $40. I’m hoping to make hubby a suit as well at some point when I get a lot better at sewing).

Enjoy the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Rosey

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’m posting a picture of my progress TODAY! (along with some of the other projects from this weekend)-it was a busy weekend to say the least.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’m starting to get worried that I’ve built up all this anticipation for the dress…what if it’s not that great??? Oh well, I’ll be posting a pic of my progress very soon.

  1. Ada says:

    Hi Tamara. I just wanted to let you know that even-though I have only discovered your blog this month, it has become one of my favorites. I love Dresses, Skirts & Headbands as much as you do so of course I would love your style 100%. You got some retro thrown it too, for good measure. I also loved the Challenge you put upon yourself this month, as I have mentioned before. And your Tailoring/Sewing/Designing talent is outstanding.

    I must say this is one of My Most Favorite Outfits of the month. Love the colors and how everything looks together. And before I leave for the day I wanted to say to check out my latest Week’s Best Looks because yours truly has a Standing Ovation from me.

    And please, I kindly ask for you to follow my blog ia bloglovin or Google and support me just like I support you. Thanks.

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