Don’t Get Married Without Me

**For the entire month of May, I’m doing a N0-Repeat Challenge.  I will not be repeating any  piece of clothing throughout the whole month(shoes/accessories/undies not included).  At the end of the month I’ll show a Before/After of my closet(I’m putting pieces already worn in another closet for the duration of the challenge)**

Title is from a Punch Brother’s song and is totally irrelevant to the post but I couldn’t think of anything catchy so when this happens, I just use random song titles.

It seems like more often than not, I will do my hair in the morning and what I see in the mirror well look pretty good, but then when I see the photos of myself I think, ugh my hair is ruining an otherwise good shot.  I don’t really know if my hair is not photographing well or I am not properly seeing how my hair looks and when I think it looks good, it actually looks like crap.

married (1 of 1)

{Bustier/Necklace: Maurices, Cardigan: Limited, Skirt: Goodwill(originally Banana Republic), Shoes: Kate Spade}

So last night I made the lining for the bodice for my June Dress. It’s a double lining with spiral steel boning sandwiched inbetween the layers.  The inner lining is silk organza.  Wow, that stuff is hard to work with.  It is slippery and flimsy and pulls out of shape with the slightest breath.  It took me all evening just to get it right.  And it’s still not 100% perfect.  Hubby says to not bother about it since it’s the lining and no one will see it but I might pull out the boning and start over……..



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