Somewhat Nautical

**For the entire month of May, I’m doing a N0-Repeat Challenge.  I will not be repeating any  piece of clothing throughout the whole month(shoes/accessories/undies not included).  At the end of the month I’ll show a Before/After of my closet(I’m putting pieces already worn in another closet for the duration of the challenge)**

I tend to  think that navy stripes+white+red always looks nautical.  I’m trying to change it up a bit by adding in a green cardigan, but I still think nautical.

{This is what I actually wore today(as opposed to the May dress which I just put on for pictures) which I meant to post earlier but somehow I didn’t. }

My hair is looking less than stellar.  I really need a hair cut….after I wrote this I went next door and had my bangs trimmed(my office is next door to a salon).  You’ll see it the next time I post.

I’ve really been wanting to do something a bit different with my color.  Add in some dimension or something.  But I feel stuck with my hair as-is.  As I’ve mentioned previously, my hair has taken a decidedly brownish turn and now I must dye it red to maintain the copper locks of my youth.  Between red dye’s  notoriously short life-span and my fast growing hair, I need to color my hair approximately every four weeks.  I can’t afford to have this done professionally so I do it myself(sometimes with less than stellar results as you can read here ).

I’d like to have something else done with it, high-lights or ombre or something. However, I don’t really trust myself to do anything major like ombre, peek-a-boo highlights or even regular highlights.  So obviously for this I could go get it done professionally…but how will that work with my monthly dye job?

Anyone want to weigt in on this quandary?  The thing is, I even have a gift card to a salon from my staff(from CHRISTMAS) that I could use to get my hair done, but I just don’t know exactly what I want or how to achieve it/maintain it(without some huge expense).  somewhatnautical1 (1 of 1)

{Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory, Cardigan: Gap, Skirt: Goodwill(originally Banana), Necklace: WHBM,Shoes: Bakers}



2 thoughts on “Somewhat Nautical

  1. kittehluvs says:

    love this nautical look! re: hair – that’s always such a hassle. I am struggling with a similar situation – my hair always looks exactly the same. I look like I belong in an 80s commercial sometimes. When I try to color it (even professionally) it dries up and dies. I love your color. Not sure how you can get highlights or something colorful done and not need to spend alot of $$ maintaining it. but maybe it’s worth it. If it’s something that will make you happier, than it’s worth it.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I can so relate. My hair is the bane of my existence(not really, but it sounds more dramatic that way). I have so many hair drama stories, mostly caused by supposed “stylists” which is why I am gun shy about getting my hair done professionally.

      I have found basically what I want to do with my hair. It’s still red, no highlights or anything, just a lighter more copper penny color. I think my hair needs to be lightened first and then have the copper color applied. I think I will go get it lightened and colored the first time then I will keep up with it as needed. I could do it myself(at least I’m pretty sure I can), but I worry about burning my hair off with the ligthener…so well see what ends up happening.

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