**For the entire month of May, I’m doing a N0-Repeat Challenge.  I will not be repeating any  piece of clothing throughout the whole month(shoes/accessories/undies not included).  At the end of the month I’ll show a Before/After of my closet(I’m putting pieces already worn in another closet for the duration of the challenge)**

I’m kind of like Goldilocks when it comes to skirt length.  This one is too short, this one is too long, ect…My perfect skirt length is about 24.5″ from my waist(which is what you’ll typically see in all my homemade clothes).  It’s a flattering, yet still professional length.  Much shorter and I don’t feel comfortable(always afraid I’m showing too much leg).  Much longer and you veer into frumpy territory(not including full-length skirts in this).  I know that midi-length skirts are pretty popular but they are definitely not a favorite for me.

Sill, I own a few and since I’m trying to work my way through my whole closet I figured I’d better wear some of my less favorite clothes right away or else I’d end up at the end of the month with only pieces I don’t really like and struggling to put together a nice outfit.

So, I’m wearing a midi-skirt today.  I tried to balance out the potential frumpiness by going as feminine and girly as possible with the rest of my ensemble: Floral print peep toe pumps with a bow, a ruffled blouse and cardigan(in pale pink with chiffon ruffles no less) and a flower in my hair.  I think I did okay.

ladylike2 (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Express, Cardigan: Limited, Skirt: Ann Klein, Shoes: Payless, Bracelet/Flower: NY&Co}

I mentioned it last time I wore this blouse, but in case you forgot(or didn’t read my blog back then), but this was the blouse I wore on my very first day of work as an eye doctor back in 2010!



8 thoughts on “Lady-Like

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you! I have discovered that I need some “pouf” or volume when I pull my hair back and I like to put it to the side so you can see it, otherwise I sometimes think I look like I don’t have much hair. haha

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I know! I can’t believe they are from Payless. And they are seriously comfortable. I wore them 10 hours yesterday and was on my feet a lot and I had no pain or issues.

  1. Ada says:

    You Look Gorgeous. The Skirt is great. I own the same cardigan & wore it yesterday on the blog. I am starting a new feature in my blog to introduce newer bloggers that have been blogging since 2012. When did you start your blog Tamara?

    P.S. Thanks for the compliments on my Birthday Look.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Great minds think alike right?? It’s funny that we wore the same thing on separate days this week because I also wore an almost exact replicate of Whitney from Along the Lines of style this week also.

      I started my blog I believe in July 2011, so I guess I don’t qualify for your new feature, but my sister has a cupcake/craft blog that she just started this year so I don’t know if you are only featuring fashion bloggers but if you want her info just let me know.

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