Who am I?

Okay, prepare yourselves…I’m doing something today that I’ve only done a handful(or less) times.  I’m actually wearing pants!

I don’t know how it happened really.  I wanted to wear this button down/polka dot shirt combo(in a petulant toddler kind of way, NO I’M WEARING IT) and it just wasn’t working with any of my clean/ironed skirts.

Soooo….a little voice told me…why don’t you try it with pants?!  Pants??  I don’t WEAR pants.  Pants don’t look good on me.  I don’t have any pants that fit properly.  The voice reminded me I’ve lost a few pounds over the past few months(cutting out dairy will do that to you apparently).

Well, the pants looked okay.  Not fantastic or anything.  I won’t be turning into a constant pants wearer.  Beyond just loving the fit and style of skirts, they are just more comfortable with the air flow situation if you get what I mean(haha).

Anyways, here’s the outfit:

whoami (1 of 1)-3

{Blouse: Goodwill(originally Banana), T-shirt: Goodwill(originally wal-mart), Pants: Banana Republic, Belt: The Limited, Necklace: Tuesday Morning, Shoes: Cato}

I promise that I am not trying to stand “pigeon-toed” or in some sort of way that makes me thighs not touch(because clearly they are still touching).  The above position you see my feet in is how I stand naturally.

I’m SO glad it’s the weekend.  I’ve been working on my April dress(and my May dress as well) and I hope to finish this weekend so I can wear it to a dinner meeting on Monday.  You will be pleased to learn that it will NOT feature a full skirt.  I’m branching out and making a pencil dress! The May dress is a full skirt though…..

The reason I’ve done both dresses in April is because I originally intended the May dress to be the April dress, but then I made plans to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, grandma and sister.  The April but now May dress aesthetic works much better for the luncheon we are planning to attend.

Also, I need to clear out my dress making schedule ASAP so that I could start working on the construction of the June dress(which will be my most complicated/expensive and beautiful dress to date) that I’ll be wearing to a wedding on June 1.

My plan for the weekend is to complete both the April and May dresses as well as cut out as many car seat covers as humanely possible.  I ordered some new dress making shears so that hubby can assist me in the cutting.  We are planning on having a car seat cutting party on Sunday afternoon.


8 thoughts on “Who am I?

    • guitargrl325 says:

      So true! I feel like when I wear pants I look like I’ve suddenly gained 20 pounds…I also don’t know how to pose when I’m wearing pants either. I just always end up looking awkward or like I’m a toddler posing for mommy.

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