Before I started this blog about fashion and beauty, I attempted to be some version of a healthy living/recipe blogger. But I pretty much failed at that because when I make recipes I don’t measure stuff and just go by instinct so it’s kind of hard to blog a recipe of something like that.  I also suck at remembering to take pictures so, it was basically doomed from the start.

I’m kind of like that with DIY’s now on this blog.  I will make something and then think, huh, I probably should’ve taken a before picture so people can actually see what I did.

That’s exactly what happened with today’s outfit.  I picked up this navy wool blazer from the Target+Neimen Marcus collection a few months ago after it had been marked down to like $30(from $138).  I just grabbed a random one off the hanger, threw it on and for some reason thought it fit.  When I got home I discovered that I had grabbed one 2 sizes larger than my normal size and it was definitely, noticeably too big.

I figured I’d just return it and see if I could exchange it for a smaller size.  Well, I am also not great about taking things back, so the return time elapsed and I was stuck with it.  I guess I could have paid to get it altered professionally but I kept telling myself, you have a sewing machine, you make things, therefore you SHOULD be able to alter it yourself.

Not having done many alterations(other than running a quick side seam down a skirt), I was leery of my ability to complete this alteration.  BUT, I  really didn’t want to spend $50+ getting it professionally altered(and I couldn’t find any good tutorials online), so to my pile of alterations/DIY’s it went.

The other day I was straightening up my sewing room and I realized I probably needed to start attacking the growing alterations/repairs needed pile.  I decided it was just about time to take this blazer in(also it’s the perfect time of the year for this 3/4 sleeve blazer).

Seriously, I should have taken a before picture, but when I started picking the seams apart, I was looking really grungy and I didn’t want to set the camera up. I also kind of figured it might not work out so I thought why bother?  Long story short, I took each side in by 1″ and the sleeves by 1/2″.  It made a huge difference.

Even though I didn’t take pictures of the process, I think I’ll try to make a sort of tutorial for the steps I took to alter it.  Hopefully, I can complete that soon.

Anyways, I am in love with this jacket now. Not only because it’s so cute and perfectly on trend, but because I can’t believe I did such a good job tailoring it myself!!  Seriously, I’m probably going to be wearing it A LOT now.

For my debut outfit, I’ve paired the blazer with two goodwill finds:  the striped shirt I up-cycled(of which I didn’t take any before pictures either) into a bow neck shirt last summer, and a red dress originally from David’s Bridal.

Your also seeing the navy striped pumps I’ve mentioned a few times(again, I meant to take them back but never got around to it).

tailored (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Goodwill(originally Brooks Brothers, upcycled by me), Blazer: Thom Browne for Target, tailored by me, Dress(worn as a skirt): Goodwill(originally David’s Bridal), Shoes: The Limited}

The sleeves do button, I just liked how they looked un-buttoned showing off some of the lining.  Also, there’s a shadow making it look like it’s not fitted as well as it could be in the arm-pits, but I assure you, it’s not saggy in the arm pits!

Have a great Tuesday!



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