Are you a relax on the weekends kind of person, or a get as much done, but never feel like you did enough kind of person?  I’m 100% the latter.  I make lists of all the things I want to accomplish each weekend, but never seem to finish it all.  I am go-go-go every weekend.

I feel a sense of accomplishment and pride that I can get so much done.  My hubby is pretty much the opposite of me.  He views days off(because he doesn’t get weekends off with his job) as relaxation and fun days.

This past weekend was a bit of a disappointment for me because I didn’t get nearly as much of my to-do list done as I would’ve liked.  The good news is, I pre-cooked most of our meals for the week, so in theory, I should have more time each night to do the things I didn’t get around to.

What I did accomplish was several workouts(I’m really sore), the aforementioned cleaning, giving Aspen a haircut, laundry, groceries, some cleaning and a tiny bit of sewing(I’d like to have done a lot more).  While taking the girls out on Sunday afternoon, I realized we were having absolutely gorgeous weather that I didn’t want to waste by spending the rest of the day indoors.

Hubby was off work very soon after that, so we headed down to Forsyth Park with Aspen. We walked all around downtown, stopping for ice cream at Leopold’s(they even made a doggy sundae for Aspen) before heading back to the car.  We bring Aspen only because Bailey is a holy terror with that many people around(pulling and straining on the leash, crying to get close to everyone), Lili can’t walk too far before she gets tired(plus she is scared of people stepping on her so she will lay down in the middle of a crowd), and Gracie is okay but hubby didn’t want to worry about keeping track of two dogs, so Aspen it was(she’s perfect on the leash).

I was WIPED when we got home.  I started to work in my sewing room, but quickly abandoned that for sitting on the couch the rest of the night.

Anyways, for today’s outfit, I had to consult my sister to see what she thought of doing monochromatic navy with a pop color color. I’ve done it with black and grey, but somehow it seemed “wrong” to do it with navy.  But when I picked up this sequined navy shirt for $7, my first thought was to wear it with my navy polka dot skirt.

sequins (1 of 1)

{T-shirt: Van Heusen, Skirt: Target, Belt/Necklace: WHBM, Shoes: Rack Room}

I tried the headband curls again…this time much more successfully!  I used a thicker headband and I was pleasantly surprised to have a decent head of curls this morning. I think it would be even better if my hair were longer.



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