Inspired by Whitney

My typical morning at work typically allows for a few spare moments between patients(and sometimes lots of time when it is slow).  This is when I usually write my own blog post as well as check out all my favorite blogs and see what my “friends” are up to.  One blog I ALWAYS visit everyday is Along the Lines of Style, a great fashion blog by my online friend Whitney.

Whitney and I have a very similar style(and even own a lot of the same pieces), so I pretty much love every single one of her outfits.  A few days ago she posted this outfit and it immediately inspired me to re-create my own version.

I love it and I’m so glad Whitney came up with this cute combination!!

inspiredby2 (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Goodwill(originally NY&Co, Sweater; Target, Necklace: Ebay, Skirt: JC Penney, Shoes: Rack Room}

I parted my bangs to the left today(when I’ve ALWAYS parted them to the right).  It feels really funky!  Have you ever changed the normal part of your hair and then been aware of it all day??




2 thoughts on “Inspired by Whitney

  1. Whitney says:

    I love your outfit! It looks so different from mine, but I can see the little hints of inspiration. 🙂 I really like that sweater–I’ve been doing a good job so far of not caving to buy it, but this outfit has me convinced that it would work so well in my closet…

    You’re so fabulous and I’m glad that we’re blogger buddies!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      You HAVE to get this sweater. Seriously. I’m considering buying a second one just in case something happens to this one. I love it THAT MUCH.

      You are fabulous as well my friend! I hope that some day the blogger fates will align and we’ll get to , you know, meet in person.

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