Strangely Familiar

**My thoughts and prayers are with the family/friends/victims of the Boston Marathon.  As a (sort-of) runner, this tragedy really hits close to home.**

Conceptually, I’ve worn this outfit before.  I’ve worn this dress with patterned cardigans as well as with pink before.  I’ve also worn this cardigan with navy/white stripes. But I had never worn them together.

I think part of having a normal, working wardrobe is to have pieces that you can use in a variety of ways that might look slightly similar, but are different because it’s all part of a cohesive whole.  I tend to think of it as similar to when a designer shows a new collection.  They might show 12 different pieces, but the whole idea of the “collection” is that all the pieces are somewhat similar or they have some sort of theme that connects them.

I actually like it when a friend or family member points to a piece or an outfit on someone else and states, that looks like something Tamara would wear.

Anyhoo, enough rambling.  I started with the outfit as such:

familiar2 (1 of 1)

I love this dress, but it’s gotten pretty tight(not from weight gain, I’ve actually lost weight but I must have put on some muscle because it’s around my rib cage/ back where it’s tight) and I knew I didn’t want to wear it all day like this.

So, I tucked the bodice into the skirt and added a blouse on top, essentially turning my too-tight dress into a perfect fitting skirt.  I didn’t even plan on taking a picture of my revised outfit(since it was done only for comfort) but then I realized I liked my new incarnation better than the original so I snapped a few more pics.

familiar3 (1 of 1)

{Dress: Gap, Blouse: Ann Taylor, Cardigan: Talbots, Necklace: WHBM, Shoes: Rack Room}


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