Mint Chip

It seriously cannot be Monday morning yet can it??   I had a whirlwind weekend, what about you?  

On Friday after work, I headed to my parents house to spend the night as my dad and I were running a race that next morning.  Logistically, it’s easier to spend the night with them and then ride to the race together.  Since my parents live “in town”(at least compared to hubby and I), I used the opportunity Friday night to do some craft store runs for sewing supplies.  

Unfortunately I couldn’t find what I needed(!), but mom and I enjoyed some time together.  

Saturday morning dad and I headed to the race around 7(it’s really nice to run later races where you don’t have to get up early) and met up with my work group that was doing the race as well.  The practice where I work was part of a larger group doing Race for the Cure.  Our group was the number one fund-raisers of the whole race, which is pretty cool. It also meant that we got to hang out in the VIP section(which had more food and nice tables) after the race.  

I had no expectations going into this race as I hadn’t specifically trained for it AT ALL.  I’m glad I didn’t, because there were way too many people out there to even attempt a PR.  It seems to me that either dad and I are under-estimating our pace or most of the people we line up next to are vastly over-estimating their paces, because we always are stuck behind people running quite a bit slower than we are.  In some areas, there was such a narrow bit of road that we had to stop and walk.  Dad turned off the watch for the first mile.  There were no mile markers or timers(or I just missed them all), but after mile 1, things leaned out a bit.  We were able to hit our stride and ran the last two miles around a 9:15 pace(which isn’t fantastic but not horrid either).  

We met up with the other doctor(who is much faster and had finished quite a bit before me) and hung out for awhile afterwards to see the rest of our group(who had walked) finish.  

Since we were already downtown, dad and I headed over to the farmers market to pick up some goodies.  I spent a couple of hours at mom and dad’s house, helping them move and put together some furniture before heading home.  

The afternoon flew by with some cooking, cleaning and sewing.  After church, hubby and I attempted to pick up some thread at Wal-Mart but it was so dang crowded that we abandoned that mission(8 at night and each line had 4-5 people each!!).   

Sunday was spent on more cleaning and cooking, giving Bailey her summer hair cut(ie, shaving her body+legs), lots of sewing(and even more unpicking of seams as I was having major issues yesterday) and watching Mad Men.  

I picked this sweater up over the weekend at Target.  I’d been eyeing it for a few weeks but I hadn’t pulled the trigger yet(despite having gift cards to cover most of the purchase price).  I guess waiting worked out in my favor this time because it was on clearance!  I attempted to buy some shorts but there was a 5 people deep queue to get into a dressing room and I wasn’t about to wait for that!

It’s one of those pieces that I have been wanting but haven’t made a list of all the outfits I could wear it with….so that meant this morning I played the what to wear game and tried on a few different combinations before I settled on a classic look of aqua/mint+polka dots.  

mint chip1 (1 of 1)


{Blouse: Limited, Sweater/Shoes/Headband: Target, Skirt: WHBM}

Happy(ha) Tax Day!


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