To Dye For

Settle in for a hair drama story folks.  If that’s no your thing, just skip down to the picture.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re a new reader or just forgot, I am a natural redhead whose hair has started to get darker and more “brown” as I’ve gotten older(just when I decided to embrace being a redhead, I start to turn brunette…oh the irony).  Therefore, I do color my hair to try to mimic the copper colored hair of my youth.  I’m sure I have grey hairs in there as well so there’s my vanity need to cover that as well.

We set aside a portion of out monthly income as “personal care” meaning, hair care, shampoo, makeup ect so I could go get my hair professionally colored.  BUT….I almost never do.  For me, it most often comes down to, I can go pay to get my hair colored or I can buy  makeup that will last for a much longer time than the hair color will.  Or, I’d rather not spend any money this month.

Also, red hair dye washes out so quickly and my hair grows really quickly which translates into me needing my hair colored at least every 4 weeks.

And honestly, I can only think of a few times where I have had my hair professionally colored that I left the salon happy.  Either I’m really bad at communicating what I want or what I want just isn’t really possible, but I always leave the salon after paying big bucks thinking, well this doesn’t really look that fantastic.  It has never looked bad, but it’s never looked what I felt it should for how much I paid.

My thought process is this: I’d rather dye my own hair for $10 and be just meh about the results than pay $100plus and be meh about the results.

BUT!!  I’ve always been told that dyeing your own hair with those box kits ruin your hair.  So, I finally asked a friend who had been a hair dresser earlier in her life.  She told me that it’s not the color that is the problem in the box kits, but the developer.  She told me that I could go to Sally’s and get the color I wanted plus a less harsh developer and I’d be good to go.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past year or so.  I’ve gotten my hair cut by two different stylists and neither has remarked that my hair was damaged or that they could tell I colored it myself, so I figured I’m going all right.

I still haven’t found the exact perfect omg color yet, so I have been experimenting with different colors/combinations.  I’ve also always wanted to do something kind of edgy with my hair color, but not so crazy that it would be unprofessional.  On Friday I saw a picture on Pinterest of a redhead with blonde peek-a-boo highlights.  I figured that was something I could do on my own, but I realized I had some major root growth going on and needed to take care of that situation first.

I went to Sally’s and they were out of the color I’ve found that is close to my omg perfect color, so I grabbed a different one that I THOUGHT would be the right color(coppery-strawberry blonde).  It said it supposedly had orange and gold for it’s base(which is what the color I like most is).

I did my thing, washed and conditioned and then blow-dried it.  It went very dark and pulled a lot of red.  Very mahogany.  Not an unattractive color, but NOT  AT ALL what I wanted.

I thought, no biggie, this has happened before.  Last time this happened, I added in a few coppery orange high lights around my head and it actually turned out really well.  I figured I could do that again.  Well, I don’t know what the difference was this time…maybe I used a lot more developer…I don’t know but the highlights went from mahogany red to yellow orange in what felt like 5 seconds.

I washed it out and tried to style it…but it was like I had a glowing orange/yellow beacon on top of my head.  I came out of the bathroom and told hubby I needed to go buy a wig!!  He said it wasn’t that bad, but trust me, it was. I should have taken a picture, but having a funny story for the blog wasn’t really on my mind at that time. I just wanted to figure out a way to fix my hair.

I did some googling and decided to attempt to re-dye the orange pieces.

Long story even longer, it basically worked.  The “high-lighted” pieces are no longer orange/yellow but a nice light copper color.  Overall, it really doesn’t look any different than it did before I spent 4 hours dyeing/washing/drying my hair.  No one at work could tell I had colored it. Even after I told them(in a very dramatic and overly long version, not unlike what I’ve typed up here) they still said it didn’t look any different.

That’s okay though, I’d rather it look so natural that no one notices than for people to notice because it looks so bad or fake or whatever.

And because I clearly don’t when to leave well enough alone, I decided last night would be a great time to try out that no-heat, headband overnight curls tutorial that is all over pinterest.  Needless to say, it was an epic fail and my hair was awful this morning.  THANK GOD FOR FLAT IRONS.

It turned out all-right in the end, but between the dyeing almost-disaster of this past weekend and hacking off my bangs a few weeks ago(and turning my hair into a kinky ratty mess with a supposed no-fail, heatless curls tutorial), I’m really not doing to well in the hair care DIY’s at the moment.

In light of all my hair craziness, I wanted to wear  a nice outfit today.

It’s definitely is fall-ish in color(and texture, the black stripes are velvet if I hadn’t mentioned it before), but temperature wise it’s appropriate so I’m wearing it.  I’ve been wanting to wear my birthday dress in a work appropriate setting and I love the olive/mustard colored cardigan against the black/white stripes. Of course I couldn’t resist a little pattern mixing by wearing my leopard print pumps.

To Dye For (1 of 1)

{Dress: Made by Me, Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet, shoes/Necklace: Target, Belt: WHBM}

This post is already super long, so I’ll just end it here with  questions: Do you color your hair at home?  Any horror stories you’d like to share??





9 thoughts on “To Dye For

  1. ashley says:

    Wow, I laughed several times while reading this! I’m glad your hair managed to be saved- it looks gorgeous as usual. By the way, I’m obsessed with the dress!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      thanks haha! I’m glad you got a good laugh out of my hair raising story(see what I did there?). I have quite a few hair stories. Some caused by my own experimentation and others at the hands of a supposed “stylist”. I would bet that most women do. I’ve had one stylist in my life that just really “got” me and she was always able to do exactly what I wanted both style and color-wise, AND she was the most affordable in terms of price I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately she’s way down in Fl where i used to live.

      I’m seriously considering seeing if I can drive over to Ft. Lauderdale the next time we visit my in-laws(about 1.5 hours each way from their house) to get her to do my hair. She’s that good.

      • ashley says:

        Damn, anyone who makes you wanna take such an epic trip must be good! Overall though, it sounds like you’re pretty low manetance (puns are fun for everyone!).

      • guitargrl325 says:

        Haha!! took me a minute to catch the pun, I must admit. She really was fantastic. When I was seeing her, I had hi-lights in my hair and she would take the time to make sure she picked up the same pieces of hair each time I needed a touch up to just lighten the roots so that I didn’t get blonder and blonder every time I went.

  2. dragonfly1121 says:

    Where should I start? The time I was eleven and cut my bangs using my eyebrows as a line….you know how they move and all, yep, really short and really crooked. Then there was the time I was in 7th grade someone told me if I put peroxide in my hair and blew it dry it would turn blonde. Mousy brown hair + peroxide=carrot top. My mom made me keep it til it grew out, to teach me a lesson. I didn’t learn and in my early twenties I sprayed some Sun-In in my hair because it was guaranteed to not turn orange and I became a strawberry blonde. My future ex-husband was really mean and made me go to work(yes the only time I ever dated my boss) because that wasn’t a good enough reason to call off. In my forties I am very happy with my dark brown hair and my caramel highlights, I guess I grew up. Your hair looks a little darker but other than that your hair is hiding your secret very well, spend a little time outdoors, it will lighten it right up. Let me know when you set your Etsy store up, I know a few people with babies on the way so I will spread the word:)

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Oh man that’s hilarious! I too cut my bangs in jr high to a lovely choppy mess. I can’t remember if I used my eyebrows as a guide or not….but the end result was god-awful.

      When I was in college I went to Jamaica as a mission trip and near the end of the trip, everyone was bleaching their hair. Luckily I had sense enough not to try that but I did dye my hair this dark cherry color and it was BLACK!! It was really awful once my hair started growing in and I had jet black hair with bright red roots. I had to get the color stripped out that time.

      The one time I got a perm in college is probably the worst experience I’ve ever had but its a really long story so maybe ill post about it tomorrow.

      I’m working on some baby covers right now. Etsy suggests you list 8 things to get a store started so once I have 8 pieces ill open the shop and let you know.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Ms. Jolly Blogger says:

    What a great dress! Love your hair color too. I have med. brown hair that gets lighter/redder in the summer and I always hated it because I’ve always wanted jet black hair. I guess we can’t get what we want every time.. 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thank you! I know what you mean about not always getting what we want…always seems like we want what we don’t have. Curly haired girls want straight hair…straight haired girls want curly. I tend to go back and forth with what I want in terms of hair color. Some days I want that really bright copper orange hair and others I think a darker red with highlights and low lights is better.

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