Lucky Stripe

I got an exciting package in the mail yesterday…most of the fabric I ordered to make car seat covers arrived last night.  I was drooling over all the beautiful patterns and the silky soft feel of all that minky.  I kind of wanted to curl up and take a nap amongst all that softness!


*Bonus: you can see part of one of my paintings that I hope will soon grace the wall above my sewing desk.

I also ordered some custom fabric from Spoonflower that I will be making into labels/patches, but more on that another day.

Do you have ugly days?  Those days where you wake up and just feel like you look ugly? Your hair doesn’t do what you want it to, your makeup just looks blah, you have a bunch of blemishes that despite your best concealing efforts still look like flaming beacons and your outfit that you thought was off the charts is just okay?  For me they nearly always coincide with my time of the month(and today is no exception).

I really, really felt that way this morning, so the ideal thing to do was to add a STATEMENT necklace. And by that I mean, taking a statement necklace and adding red ribbon bows that draw the eye in and away from the fact that I feel like I look cruddy(though the pictures don’t really show what I see in the mirror…hormones, gotta love them).

doublespot (1 of 1)

{Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory, Skirt: Made by Me, Necklace:Ebay(bows added by me), Shoes: Bakers, Belt:Limited}

I fell asleep last night reading on my ipad and it slipped down next to me on the bed.  Something woke me up during the night and I somehow managed to hit my elbow just right against the iPad to cause a huge lump/bruise. and it hurts so much today. I can barely push any weight with my arm before it starts hurting….so pushups are definitely out until it feels better.

I keep playing that bit in my mind from The Office where Michael cooks his foot on the foreman grill and Kevin asks him if tried hopping.  “I tried hopping Kevin and I bumped my elbow and now my elbow has a protuberance”. HA!



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