Out of Season

So I guess it’s the first day of Spring today?  Well, my outfit is definitely more fall-like in appearance but I like it and it was chilly this morning and felt a lot more like Fall than Spring.

And, as I’ve stated many times, I don’t necessarily follow seasonal color conventions.  If I get a craving to wear rust and mustard in the middle of summer I will.  I don’t wear winter weight fabrics in the summer(other than the occasional  wool skirt…but lets be real, skirts that are cotton or wool don’t really add that much warmth) obviously, but colors?  Yup, I’ll wear what color I want when I want.

OutofSeason (1 of 1)

{Button-down: Goodwill(originally NY&Co), Cardigan: F21; Necklace: Made by Me, Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory, Shoes: Target}

I had to jimmy-rig my necklace today because one of the strands had detached itself….all the beads were still on it but it wasn’t connected to the clasp….so I tied some fishing line around one of the beads and tied it to the clasp.  Works for now…eventually, I’ll have to re-string that strand but at least I get to wear it today.

I have the worst luck with necklaces breaking.  I realize this one is my own creation and obviously I can blame no one but myself, but this is a pattern I have with necklaces whether I make them or not.  I’ve had 2 Loft necklaces break that I’ve had to re-string, 2 from F21 and a few that I’ve made.  They just spontaneously break apart while I’m wearing them scattering beads around.

Anyone else cursed when it comes to necklaces?



5 thoughts on “Out of Season

  1. tracib01 says:

    I haven’t had a lot of necklaces break, but there have been a few that have fallen off my neck while I was wearing them…so I can understand the frustration!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      If I remember correctly, you borrowed a necklace from me that broke when you were going to a wedding. Haha I really must be cursed.

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