I know that calendar wise it’s not technically spring(but very close), but it certainly has felt like Spring over the past few days here in Savannah.  Spring is really the reason you live in Savannah.  It is absolutely gorgeous and helps to make up for the fact that summer(read ridiculously hot and humid) lasts for about 6 months.  The weather is mild and there are flowers everywhere.

I decided to wear a spring inspired outfit by combining mint/teal with white and yellow. I was inspired mostly by a dress I had picked up at Goodwill several months ago but haven’t worn yet(because it’s assuredly a spring/summer dress) that is white silk with mint and yellow flowers.

spring (1 of 1)

I went the muted route with my shoes, but you could also take it over the top with teal shoes.

spring2 (1 of 1)

{Yellow T’s: Goodwill(originally Loft), Skirt: Goodwill(originally Banana Republic), Cardigan: J. Crew, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes(both pairs): Rack Room}

Did you have a good weekend?  Hubby and I went grass shopping(not that kind of grass haha).  Our grass died this past summer, likely due to a fungal infection(according to the grass guy).  We are going to be getting all new sod put in a few weeks(and we are paying for them to install it because, I just don’t want to do that) and the kind we are putting in is really low maintenance and is used in a lot of golf courses around here.

Hubby and my dad also did our taxes and we are actually going to be getting a refund(which we’ll promptly use to pay for the grass) because I overpaid my self-employment taxes.

Believe it or not, I’m still working to get my sewing room all set up and organized.  I’m currently still working on making storage boxes for my fabrics, plus I need Hubby’s help re-covering a bench and hanging some artwork.  I will eventually have it completed(it would help if I didn’t keep starting sewing projects that take up all my time!).



2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. michelle says:

    Kudos on the refund…. or that stinks that you overpaid in the first place. Depends on how you look at it 🙂

    The first outfit is awesome. Amazing how much a pair of shoes makes an outfit. How the heck do you guys handle that super muggy heat? Here in Tampa it’s warm, but the gulf breezes keeps it from being too scorchio. Looking forward to seeing your outfit ideas on keeping things nice and cool over the spring and summer.

    Toodle pip!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Well, it does stink that I overpaid, BUT at least it kept us from spending that money on some other not necessary thing!

      Ugh, the HUMIDITY! I lived in Florida for about 15 years and I can tell you that while it’s often hotter in FL the humidity in GA(and South Carolina) is much worse and makes it seem SO Much hotter and disgusting. Sweating basically does nothing for you other than to make you soaked. We deal with it because we know fall/spring is way more awesome in GA than Fl.

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