Luck of the Irish

I almost let St. Patrick’s Day slip by without wearing a theme-based outfit.  That is NOT like me at all.  Since the holiday happens to fall on a Sunday, I realized that I needed to wear a green work outfit today or I wouldn’t get to wear one at all(at least to work).

Even though green is a great color on me, I just don’t  have many pieces of clothing that are green, so I took the opportunity to head to goodwill to see what I could scrounge up.  They didn’t have much green either, but I did manage to find two green dresses(I bought both).  One just has green flowers on it, and I’ll be wearing that one on the actual day of St. Patty’s.  The other, which I’m wearing today, I almost didn’t buy.

The color is gorgeous and the cut is completely my style….but the tag said it was a replica of a dress worn by Bella in one of the Twilight movies.  I really didn’t want to have a dress from that movie, but the color really won me out.  It was also a few sizes too big, but I figured I could take it in.

Here’s the before:

stpattys1 (1 of 1)

I unpicked the seam attaching the skirt to the bodice(almost all the way around but left the zipper intact), then turned the bodice inside out and took in the sides of the dress/lining separately.  I also took the shoulders in a tad and re-gathered the skirt so it would fit the now smaller bodice.  I removed the thin velvet belt and added my own bow belt.

pattys (1 of 1)

Big improvement, no?  The red shoes are an homage to Wicked/Wizard of Oz.

Since it’s another chilly day today, I had to add a sweater to cover my arms.

pattys3 (1 of 1)

{Dress: Goodwill/altered, Tights: Kohls, Cardigan: WHBM, Shoes: Cato, Necklace: Target}

Remember yesterday my long spiel about having to change yesterday’s outfit in order not to wear the same necklace two days in a row? Well, that necklace that caused all the changing didn’t end up looking right with this outfit…so I didn’t wear it.  HA!

So St. Patrick’s Day is kind of a HUGE deal in Savannah.  It’s one of the biggest St. Patrick’s day celebrations in the world.  They dye the river and fountain(THE fountain in Forsyth Park) green and there’s tons of parties and a parade.  I’ve never gone to the parade and I probably never will(not my kind of thing).  Do you do anything fun or celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

Okay, so Kimmie tagged me in one of those 5 Things post, so here we go:

1. I’ve never been on a cruise and I have no desire to ever take one.  First of all, I don’t like feeling trapped on the boat with nothing to see for miles but water.  Secondly, my phobia of vomiting would be in full-force the whole time with me worrying that I or a fellow passenger would either get seasick or the stomach flu(which is rampant on cruises).

2.  I hate pickle, salt and vinegar chips and other such sour/salty foods.

3. If I like a movie, tv show or book I will re-watch or re-read it multiple times.  I’ve seen all the episodes of The Office and Frasier at least 3-4 times each.

4. I’m a very straight-foward, trusting and honest person.  What you see is what you get.  I tend to assume that everyone is like me and I’ve gotten burned more than my fair share of times because of this.

5.  I didn’t drink alcohol(other than occasional sips from my parents wine glasses when they offered) till I was 21.  And even then, not very often.  I guess I didn’t get the “party” gene. In fact, I actually babysat the night of my 21st birthday(I’ll take making money over spending it on alcohol any day).

I never know who to tag for these things because it seems like all the bloggers I’ve read have already been tagged, so I’ll take the easy way out and just tag my sister Traci!



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