Yesterday I ran some errands during my lunch break.  I needed some checkered fabric from Hancock Fabrics(for the car seat cover I’m making) and I wanted to stop at Target to purchase a bathing suit.  Every time we go to Florida, we always end up at the beach or the pool and I never have a bathing suit with me(none of the ones I own currently fit), so I wanted to make absolutely certain I have one this time(which probably means I won’t end up needing one).

Well, when I got to Hancock I saw that they had swim fabric on sale for 40% off, making it about $10/yard.  Of course you know I went that route. I got 1.5 yards of navy/white stripe and 1.5 yards of navy with white polka dots…So for $30(which is just a little bit more than the cost of a bathing suit top at Target), I can probably make 3 or 4 different bathing suits AND I can tailor them to my exact specifications.

I do plan to use my vintage pattern to make one, but for this first one, I’m actually using a dress bodice I have modified for the top(and it’s going to incorporate both the polka dots and the stripes) and I’m going to make a swim skirt based on a workout skirt I already have.

I’ll let you know when I finish it.

Okay, moving on to today’s look.  The silk emerald green shirt I’m wearing today is one I purchased on major clearance at Talbots right before Christmas(to wear on Christmas Eve in fact).  I’ve wanted to re-wear it since then, but in a slightly different way.  I layered it over a short sleeve button-down blouse with just the collar peeking out and while I definitely like it, it’s not earth-shatteringly amazing.  But that’s okay right?

I also tried it with a cardigan and a blazer, and I’m not sure which way I like it the best.  But I’m wearing the cardigan version today.  What do you think?

emerald (1 of 1)

emerald2 (1 of 1)

emerald1 (1 of 1)

{Green Blouse: Talbots, White Button-Down/Cardigan: Target, Skirt: WHBM, Blazer: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Ross, Tights: Kohls, Necklace: Ebay}

I totally did not mean for my collar to look all “popped” like it does in the blazer picture….whoops!


14 thoughts on “Emerald

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Ok – my vote is the cardigan version. I actually like the “popped” look, but the blazer’s cut doesn’t work with the shirt as the shirt doesn’t have enough structure of it’s own. I think you look great – does the shirt work tucked in or with a belt? You have a great figure, and the shirt is hiding that a bit!!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Actually, we must think alike, because the first way I had this outfit pictured was with the blouse tucked in. I actually took some pics with the blouse tucked in, but because of it’s shape/material it poofs out right above the waistband and it looks really awkward. I think if I had buttoned up the blazer it would have given that structured, nipped in waist you are talking about(it’s a very structured blazer actually). I’ll try it with a belt next time though!!

  2. michelle says:

    I love the popped collar look. All of your corporate looks are really inspiring as I leverage them for my own styling ideas. There’s just something really well put together about your corporate looks. IMO they are really sharp. Adore those lighter tights from Kohls. Definitely will be a item on my purchase list for this weekend. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Well that’s good! I was worried that people might get snarky on my popped collar(probably reading criticisms of other bloggers on get off my internets too much haha). I hope that Kohls still has these tights for you. I got them around Thanksgiving….the very first time I wore them, one of my dogs jumped on me and tore a hole in them, but I’m still wearing them…as long as my skirt is long enough it covers the hole!!

      You have no idea how nice it is(it truly warms my heart) to hear you say that you found inspiration in my outfits. I really appreciate it!!!

  3. missanubis says:

    The emerald top is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The stockings are really elegant. I like the popped collar look on the blazer.

    I can’t wait to see the bathing suit. Are you going to use a special type of thread (for the bathing suit)? I wonder if normal thread would hold up to vigorous movement in water. That last thing you want is to be standing naked in the public pool.

    I have a vintage thick thread I bought at Kiwanis (thrift store). I wish I could buy stock in it,

    • guitargrl325 says:

      It’s funny, everyone is saying they like the popped collar and I thought people might make fun of me for it. I hadn’t thought about using special thread for the bathing suit….I’ll probably just use regular thread because I’ll be serging all the raw edges anyways which practically makes seams indestructible…and more than likely I won’t be getting into the water much…I more of a sit by the pool kinda gal….though if my niece is swimming around I might be tempted…..

      I guess I’ll have to wear the emerald green blouse a lot more of the coming year since it emerald was named as the pantone color of the year..

  4. Emily says:

    I think it is funny that at first I didn’t even notice the popped collar because of the beautiful necklace. I am on team cardigan. I am wearing a full skirt today and first tried it on with a blazer and ended up going with a cardigan.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I almost always end up with a cardigan as well. I see other people rocking blazers, but when I try someone it just never seems to work like I want it….plus they feel too “corporate” most of the time. Plus cardigans are so much more comfortable!!

  5. kimmie says:

    I like the cardigan version best! I think with the blazer version, something looked a bit off about it… maybe if you tucked in the shirt it would be better?

    And you are making your own swim suit? O_o. I didn’t even know that was possible, but I don’t know anything about sewing, so… my opinion is irrelevant 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      You are probably correct about the tucked in+blazer deal. I kind of tried that, but the blouse was baggy/pooching above the waistband. I need to figure out a way to keep my blouses more sleekly tucked into my skirts……

      Re: the bathing suit. They sell bathing suit fabric at the store as well as bathing suit patterns….so I figured why not? Though for my first suit, I am actually NOT using a bathing suit pattern…but a bodice pattern from a dress for the top. For the bottoms, I have this athletic skirt/skort thing that I’m going to use as a template/pattern to make a skirted bottom. I hope it turns out!!

  6. heidi says:

    i love the collared shirt peaking out of the green top. that is a really pretty color on you! and that is awesome that you are going to make yourself a swim suit!!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Key word is TRY to make myself a bathing suit…haha….it seems so crazy that even at target, bathing suits go for $40-50(!) for such a small amount of material. Even full price, bathing suit material from Hancock fabrics is $16/yard and you know mass manufacturers can get it for MUCH cheaper than that.

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