It’s pouring here in Georgia.  It’s been pouring for about 4 days straight(and will continue through tomorrow as well).  I had a very rough night of sleep last night(less than 5 hours of difficult sleep),  but I wanted to wear a cheerful and fun outfit today.

My hair was awful looking this morning.  If I’ve never mentioned it before on this blog, I have a severe phobia of vomiting.  It’s way too much to get into in this one post, but the short version is, I sometimes get panic attacks related to my phobia.  I find standing in the shower to be very comforting, so last night around 2:00am, I took a shower to relax and then went to be with wet hair.  You can imagine what my hair looked like after that!

Add in the weather and I was looking at the potential of a VERY bad hair day.  I decided the only solution was to do some sort of an up-do.  I used my flat iron to smooth out the top layers as well as my bangs and then teased and pinned it into what I think is a very cute style!


Cheerful2 (1 of 1)

{Tank/ Cardigan: Target, Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: Cato, Headband: Gift}

And for a slightly different look, you can button up the cardigan:

Cheerful1 (1 of 1)

I had a pretty productive weekend in my sewing room.  I wasn’t able to start working on the car seat cover because it hasn’t yet been delivered(hopefully it will come today) and because I could not find the right fabric in any local fabric store, so I had to order it.  I did, however, get cracking on some other projects.  I completed two projects on Saturday(one was a casual-ish skirt for my trip to Florida in 2 weeks and the other a gift that I will reveal after the recipient has gotten it) and started another one on Sunday(it’s almost finished and it’s a gift as well…and it’s awesome if I do say so myself!!).  I also did some cleaning, dog grooming, grocery shopping and food prep.

All in all, a good weekend(though over too quickly as usual).


2 thoughts on “Cheerful

  1. kimmie says:

    Ugh I hate sleeping with wet/damp hair because it’s always AWFUL in the morning, but yours still looks super cute. AND WE ARE TOTALLY CARDIGAN TWINS, mine is just the other color. YEAH!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Great minds think a like. Clearly we are destined to be besties.

      My hair ONLY looks super cute as a result of a super-powered flat iron. Seriously. I think one day I will do a before/after shot of my hair in the mornings!

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