Some(most) days I cannot for the life of me think of some clever way to start off my posts…other days, I have several exciting things I want to share but I can’t decide which bit to lead off with!

I guess we should start with the most exciting….My family got a little bigger on Saturday as my SIL gave birth to my nephew, Philippe Michael.  All the family thinks he looks just like my husband did as a baby(and from the pictures I’ve seen, I have to agree), which isn’t surprising since my SIL  and husband look practically like twins.  In fact, when I first met my husband, it was in an Organic Chemistry in college that both he and his sister were taking.  I honestly thought they were twins for an entire semester until we actually started talking/hanging out.

2013-02-17 15.53.46

AWWWW!!! I can’t wait to go down and visit them. I just want to nuzzle those chubby cheeks!

I spent most of the weekend organizing my sewing room.  It’s actually starting to come together.  I’m really happy because I had originally wanted to make bins out of packing boxes to hold my fabric(I have a white expedit book shelf from Ikea that I store my fabric  in), but it was looking like it was going to be about $12 a box in materials to cover the boxes in fabric(packing boxes from Lowes!).  So I figured I could just buy bins for that price…which I did.  Then I discovered a way to cover said packing boxes using scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and ribbons.


Long story short, I’m going to be able to make my boxes like I originally planned and save $$ over covering them in fabric or buying pre-made bins.

Hubby also had some exciting news, but I’ll share more of that when things are more definite.

So, this morning I had to scrape ice off my car!  That’s fairly unusual in southern Georgia.  I’m not complaining mind you; I love cold weather!

Because it’s so chilly today, and likely to be one of the last chilly day’s we will see for months, I figured today was as good of a day as any to wear a scarf.  I’ve never really been a scarf person.  I like how they look on other people but I always feel confused on how to wear them or what to pair them with.

But then I saw this post by Kimmie(who is my new favorite blogger and probably person.  I think if we met in real life we’d be best friends.)  I figured I could try out a similar look with a scarf my mom had knitted me. I didn’t want to copy her exactly, so I took elements(pink scarf+belt+patterned top) and made it my own(also influenced by a pin I have on my fashion board on pinterest).

My mom learned to knit over Thanksgiving and she’s been cranking out the scarves like nobodies business.  I’m not usually a fan of knitted items of clothing, but I can definitely get on board with a pink, sparkly, ruffled scarf!

Hubby told me I looked great, so I’m pretty sure this outfit is a winner.

knitted (1 of 1)

{Shirt: Goodwill(originally Express), Skirt: Ann Klein, Tights: Kohls, Shoes:, Scarf: made by Mom}

I picked this shirt up at Goodwill on Friday with plans of adding some embellishments to make it look like a shirt I’ve been admiring at Kate Spade, but since I haven’t had a chance to do that yet, I figured why not take it for a test run sans embellishments!

In other sewing related news, I was going through the box of vintage patterns my grandma gave to me, and there is a pattern in there for an awesome looking vintage bathing suit, complete with skirt(to hide the thighs).  I’m kind of excited to attempt making my own bathing suit…we’ll see how that goes(amongst the list of a million other things I want to make).

All right, I’ve got 5 or 6 more patients to see before lunch so I better get to it!


5 thoughts on “Knitted

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Nope, not a knit bathing suit. It uses regular lycra/bathing suit material. It’s an early 70s pattern that is sooo cute. It’s this pattern actually I will need to size the pattern down though, as it’s a few sizes bigger than me, and it’s one of the old styles where it only has 1 size per package(as opposed to now where there are multiple sizes in a package). I’m planning a trip to town this weekend to look at fabric for it. If it works out, I”ll post pictures of it(on my dress form, NOT on me, don’t think anyone wants to see THAT).

  1. kimmie says:

    Awww congrats on your new nephew!

    I had never thought of wrapping boxes with scrapbooking paper. We have the Expedit shelves and I just hated all the box options they had, but now with scrapbooking paper, the possibilities are endless!

    And I feel all warm and fuzzy that you said i’m your newest favorite blogger and person. BLOGGING BFFS 4 LYFE. Love your outfit!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      The boxes I bought are from Lowes and they are 12″ x 12″x16″(small moving box). I used wrapping paper to cover the sides then I glued a piece of scrap book paper to the front and back. That way I can reverse the “pattern” I see. The boxes fill the hole nearly perfectly such that you don’t have to see any of the fabric stuffed inside of it.

      I might do a little DIY post on the exact construction of them.

      Can we get one of those BFF heart necklaces? Maybe with a picture of a ham on one side and a box of franzia on the other????

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