Strawberry Shortcake

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!  I know that traditionally Valentines Day is thought of as a romantic holiday for couples….but in my house we always celebrated it also a day of loving everyone.  My mom always got my sister and I Valentines Day gifts(she still sends us cards to this day) and the whole day would be red/pink/heart shaped food and fun.

I’m thinking maybe I got my love for themes from my mom…….

So I did end up finishing my Valentines Day dress.  In theory, I like it.  If I’m objective about looking at it, I can appreciate it the construction and the cuteness factor.  But when I stop being objective, I start getting critical.  I alternate between thinking I look like a Bridesmaid, a 5 year old girl and Strawberry Shortcake.

The bodice on this dress is too big. I swear that it was the same pattern I have used before for other bodices that fit properly, but this one just isn’t working.  I could take it in a bit to make it fit better…..but since I don’t think I’ll have another opportunity to wear(nor will I want to) this dress again, I’m thinking about removing the bodice and just making it a skirt, because I like the skirt portion.

strawberry shortcake2 (1 of 1)

{Dress, Belt, Flower: Made by Me, Shoes: Bakers, Necklace: WHBM}

I didn’t snap a picture, but I used a red zipper just for fun!  I did the shirley temple curls because my hubby loves my hair curly.

I did not get him a romantic gift AT. ALL.  I was kind of at a loss for what to get him, so I pre-purchased a game he wants….At least I’ll know he’s going to love it..haha.

Eight years ago on Valentines Day, hubby and I were just dating.  He came over to my apartment(we were both in college so we had the day off that day or maybe we only had class in the morning and neither of us was working that day) with a basket that contained some gifts, one of which was the movie The Notebook.

That afternoon we went and picked out my engagement ring and I believe we got Chinese takeout(but I can’t say 100%).  We came home to watch The Notebook, which  made hubby get choked up as he told me that he would love me just like Noah loved Allie.  It was a very sweet moment.

The next day we went to see Phantom of the Opera(this was my birthday gift to him) and he asked me to marry him at an Italian restaurant.

Tonight is going to be a lot more low key, with us just having a nice dinner at home and then probably watching a movie.

What are your plans?




6 thoughts on “Strawberry Shortcake

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! Yeah, hubby is a pretty sweet guy…..When I was in my last year of optometry school, I was living in tampa working at MacDill AFB and hubby was still in Fort Lauderdale. He called me all choked up and told me I needed to watch the beginning of Up because that’s how he felt about me. He’s just a very tender hearted guy!

  1. kimmie says:

    What a cute story! You did a great job on the dress, but yeah… a little bridemaidsy for any non-Valentine’s day. It would totally look cute as a skirt though!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Yeah, I completely agree with you about the bridesmaid aspect of the dress. One of my patients asked if I onlly wear the dress on V-Day. Obviously I told him that I had just finished making it last night so I didn’t know if I’d ever wear it again for anything else.

      Okay so this might seem totally out of left field, but your blog name is totally significant/funny to me….When I was in HS, my best friend and I went to a concert and the guy sitting next to us kept leaning over to us throughout the show saying, “shhhh….the baby is sleeping”. It was totally random and it became this huge inside joke between she and I. She even put it in the yearbook our Senior year.

      Even weirder, she was Asian(which I am presuming you are, at least in part)! Is that some sort of sign that you and I are destined to be friends or what??

      hope you had a great v-day with your hubby and enjoyed the gifts you picked out…haha 🙂

      • kimmie says:

        Oh crap, I had no idea that my wordpress account was linked to my old defunct blog, that I deleted in like, early 2010. OOPS. Now I’m totally paranoid that every comment I’ve ever left on any wordpress site in the last 3 years was linking to a broken link. But yeah, it was my “sewing blog” that I wrote where I would post about what I sewed while my baby was sleeping. Since I got totally lazy and stopped sewing, the blog just didn’t get updated, and my sewing skills sucked so I just scrapped the whole thing.

        And haha, I haven’t had time to go pick out my gift yet, and my husband gave me a Nordstrom gift card last night and I totally felt bad because I had been joking with him about getting me something but I WAS TOTALLY KIDDING! I’ll probably buy him something nice with half of it 🙂

      • guitargrl325 says:

        hahaha…that’s really funny! I wondered why when I clicked your link that it went to a 404 error….because I SWORE I remembered visiting your blog at some point before. I was so confuzzed…

        That’s a nice gift! My hubby was pleased with his new video game(which technically is just a pre-order for the game since it doesn’t come out till March).

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