If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, I’m guessing you have probably figured out that I like themes.  Holidays are a great time for theme weeks/outfits!  I figured with Valentines Day quickly approaching, why not do some V-Day inspired looks(which basically isn’t that different from my normal looks…ie, lots of pinks, reds, bows and jewels).

I forgot to darken my eyebrows today so….they look almost non-existant!

sweetheart (1 of 1)

{Dress: Goodwill(originally Issac Mizrahi for Target, Cardigan: Limited, Necklace: Target, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini}

Sewing update:  I have put my January dress off for the next few days(it’s nearly done, just needs the lace trim sewn on by hand) in order to make my February dress, because it is Valentine-y in color(pink and red).  Assuming no major issues with the V-Day dress(bodice is done, just have to add skirt, zipper and hem), I should be wearing it on V-Day and then will finish my January dress this weekend and wear it next week…and voila, I will be caught up in my dress challenge.

I might be posting later this afternoon with a poll on how to do the skirt portion of my Valentine’s Dress(if I can get some sketches done)….so stay tuned for that.

Are you doing anything special for V-Day?  Hubby has told me to pick out my own gift….which, while it does take a way a bit of the romance, it ensures that I get exactly what I want!  Now the problem comes in deciding exactly what I want.  I’m leaning towards a bracelet that looks like a pair of eyeglasses(because, really, how could I not???  And it would be my first kitschy optometry “thing” I have) from Kate Spade, but then I’m thinking maybe if I wait, they’ll go on sale……Decision, decisions.



4 thoughts on “Sweetheart

  1. kimmie says:

    Super cute dress! I love the color on you, and perfect for valentine’s day 😉 You’re making a dress every month? That sounds super cool, I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

    My husband and I have totally picked out our own gifts for the past few years for every holiday. Sure it’s not romantic but we still appreciate the gesture. And it’s always fun to pick something out that I really want instead of pretending to love my new running shoes that I got for Christmas (UGH WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HINT AT, HUSBAND?)

    Totally following your blog now, from a fellow catlady to another 🙂 And your eyebrows look fine. A lot more existent than Kerfy or Elena 😉

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Dude, you are killing me here(in the best way possible)! I’m in my office laughing out loud!!

      Yeah, I started this dress making challenge in order to reign in my clothing and fabric spending! I figured if I was occupied every month working on a dress I’d be less likely to buy more fabric and/or buy clothes!! Last year I went buck wild buying fabric every time I saw some I liked and now I have piles of fabric that I don’t even know what I was planning on making with…hahahahha.

      My husband is either amazing at buying gifts….or he gets me the worst gift ever. There’s no, oh thanks. It’s either, “OMG I LOVE IT!!!!” or “seriously…take it back”.

      He bought me a kindle one year(okay, this was like in 2007 when they were amazing and the iphone/ipad hadn’t even come out yet), a mandolin when we were dating and I said I wanted one, diamond studs the year I graduated from optometry school and many other amazing gifts. When he was in bootcamp over christmas one year, he had his mom go to the store and buy me all the bath and body work lotions and stuff and sent it to me so that even though he wasn’t there, I got a gift from him…so sweet!

      Then last Christmas…..well, he got me a speaker for my iphone that was shaped like one of the pigs from Angry Birds! REALLY??? Why? Just because I liked the game at the time….Those things should NOT exist……Needless to say THAT went back to the store.

      Don’t worry, he made it up to me by suprising me with kettlebells(what I really wanted) and then sent me flowers for V-Day. But yeah, picking out your own gifts ensures you get EXACTLY what you want, and when you are married and share a bank account, does it really matter? For me, it’s more important that he treats me with love and respect throughout the year than that he gets me some special surprise gift on Valentines day.

      On the eyebrows thing…because of GOMI, I always feel like I have to point out things that are wrong/crappy so that people are aware that I’m aware that it’s wrong. I almost also posted that if you look really closely at my shoes you can see my toes straining against the leather because I had left them in my car for like two weeks and it’s been cold and they got tighter(and I didn’t have time to do the hair dryer trick to stretch them out).

      Do I win for longest reply comment ever?

      • kimmie says:

        Hah! yes!

        Yeah, when we were dating, my husband would buy me the most thoughtful gifts and draw me cards (!!!!) but now that we’re married, he gets me practical stuff (running shoes that I did not need. My pair from 4 years ago are perfectly fine because they are practically unworn, lol) or just gift cards because he knows that I’m super picky, especially now that we have implemented a clothing budget, I like using the holidays as a time to splurge for something (within reason, obvs) that I wouldn’t otherwise buy with my own money…. Ok yeah, the money comes from the same place anyway, but I like that I can get something special for my birthday/christmas/anniversary. And he’s the same way too. He loves work-out wear, so I bought him a lululemon shirt for Christmas last year, and he was like, “uh, I’m over Lululemon. Can you return it?” which means that he didn’t end up getting a present from me, though he bought a bunch of gym stuff for himself and said it was from me, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad.

        And I totally feel like I need to point out things I don’t like about my pictures as well, but sometimes its like, should I draw attention to it? because half the time noone would notice anyway UNLESS I pointed it out, but at the same time I don’t want people thinking that I didn’t notice it.

        Ok, and I totally feel you with the buying so much fabric to make clothes. I went crazy and bought a ton of fabric a year or two ago with no projects in mind, and I’ve come to the realization that things I make from scratch are just plain bad. I’m not a great sewer to everything I make just looks really handmade and not wearable. Plus it takes me SO LONG just to complete a simple skirt (most likely because I keep messing up and have to rip out all the seams and re-do them) and it only costs like $10 to buy a brand new one at Target which looks a million times better. I’ll just save my fabric for the one day that I magically acquire sewing skills.

        Do I win for the longest reply comment to a reply comment ever?

      • guitargrl325 says:

        I guess my husband is rather lucky as I am a very practical girl so mostly I want practical presents or things like you said, special items you wouldn’t ordinarily buy(like said glasses bracelet). He would probably get me tons of teddy bears and other cutesy stuff if I hadn’t put the lid on that when we were dating. Being raised by an accountant will do that to ya! His parents got me a kitchenaide mixer for my b-day once(they are very generous with gifts) and it was epic.

        Last year hubby went on and on throughout the year about how he’d love to have a fireplace in his man-cave, so for Christmas I bought him one of those LED faux fireplace/heater combos for the wall. He wanted to take it back(!) because he wanted more $$ to outfit his stereo. I wouldn’t let him and don’t you know he uses that dang heater every single time it’s below 70 out!

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