Corporate Approved

Actually, I have no idea if today’s outfit would be corporate appropriate.  I would tend towards saying, no, because of the lack of hosiery and the open toe shoes.  But, whenever I wear a blazer, I can’t help but think of working in a big corporate office(which, obviously I’ve never done).

My original idea for this outfit was to wear it with a grey pullover sweater.  That didn’t look so good(you basically couldn’t see any of the yellow tank underneath).  Since I’d already worn my grey cardigan this week(and it was rumpled up in my laundry basket), I decided to try my grey blazer.  My first couple pictures were with the blazer buttoned up, but that looked blech plus it made my posing look funky.

I decided to try the blazer un-buttoned and wow, what a difference!

bluegreyellow (1 of 1)

{Tank/Necklace: Target, Blazer: Ann Klein(from a suit), Skirt/Belt: Limited, Shoes: Goodwill(originally payless)}

I need to break down and buy some more pureology shampoo.  It seems to work the best on my hair.  I had two large bottles last me almost 2 years, then I tried to be cheap and buy drug store shampoo.  It makes my hair greasy yet dry(I had to spray my hair with dry shampoo just to get it to look normal today and I had only washed it yesterday!).  I don’t have greasy hair.  In fact, I have to, usually, keep my washing to a minimum because it gets so dry.  But lately, with this cheap shampoo, my hair starts looking like crap after one day.

It’s pouring rain right now(and forecasted to do so all day), so I guess it’s a good day to have a bad hair day!  At least I can blame it on the rain.




2 thoughts on “Corporate Approved

  1. michelle says:

    Corporate attire approved 🙂 I work for a publically traded company and your style would work perfectly in our office.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      YAY!! I never know what is truly office appropriate or not(I mean when it comes to things like open toe shoes and stuff like that, obviously I know you don’t come in wearing booty shorts and flip flops) because there is no real dress code in our office(other than the obvious) and since I’m the doctor, I can kind of do what I want!

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