Tybee 10k Race Recap

It’s been quite awhile since I wrote a race recap.  I used to run quite a bit more frequently(and more frequent races) as well as write a fitness/healthy living type blog so it was definitely a more common occurrence.   I honestly probably wouldn’t have even written a re-cap of this race except for the fact that I have mentioned it several times and talked about how I wanted to incorporate more fitness stuff into the blog.

I will try to summarize my running history for those of you who have only read this blog and not my others.  I was as un-athletic as a child as I could be.  Hated gym and any physical activity other than riding my bike(and pretending it was a horse).  My dad was always a runner.  In my early 20s, I started running a bit because I thought it would give me lean legs.  Not exactly sure when I really got into running/training but basically from 2005-2010, I ran around 20-25 miles/week(with some exceptions for injuries and other crap like that).  When I started running, a 12-13 minute mile was great for me. I was slow.  I have worked VERY hard to get to a mile time in the 9:XX category.

I lost my running drive sometime last year.  Since my endometriosis surgery last May, I have run on average, about only once/week.  Even during “training” for this 10k, I rarely ran more than once/week.  At the best, twice per week.  I was however, doing interval like workouts(body rock, ZWOWs, insanity, ect) and weight lifting.

Beyond the loss of desire to run much, I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain in my right calf/tendon. Sometimes I’d have to take 1-2 weeks off running just for it to feel better.

Last year when I ran this race, I ran it in a 57:45.  This year, my dad and I were aiming for a sub-60minute considering how very little we had trained(and our longest run was only 5.3miles).

This was our fourth year running on Tybee Island(2010 and 2011 were a 5k race)….well technically my fourth and dad’s third as he was unable to run last year due to illness.  Every year the weather has been crappy.  Usually it’s raining(even up to pouring) and chilly.  The forecast showed that this year was not to be any different in regards to crappy weather.  But instead of rain, it was predicted to be freezing(30*F to be exact).  I bought some outer layers at Goodwill in anticipation of needing to shed them before/during the race.

With a 7am, start time, plus nearly an hour drive time, we planned to leave a little after 5am(just in case there was bad traffic or any other snafus getting onto the island).  I got up at 4:45 and quickly got ready to go and grabbed some almonds+cranberries for some pre-race fuel.  We left the house around 5:10 and arrived on the island at 6!  We were able to park in the EXACT same spot we parked in the previous year(when dad was just a spectator), which was only 1 street over from the race start.

We just sat in the car till about 6:45 watching Father Ted on my iPhone.  I decided I’d brave the start line with only the clothes I planned to race in plus a fleece I could drop on the course.  Okay, confession time….I didn’t end up wearing the tutu.  I brought it with me and all, but my dad made a face and discouraged me from wearing it….so I didn’t.  I’m thinking I’ll save it to wear for one of the cancer races or walks I’m scheduled to do with my work.

Anyways, we lined up about mid-way through the pack of people.  It got pretty warm with all those people crowding in!!  And in true Tybee tradition, the race didn’t start will about 5 or 10 minutes after 7.  Dad was my “official” pacer as he had the garmin and was monitoring our time.  He kept me updated on our progress(ie, 1 mile, 1.5 mile, 3.6 mile, ect) and told me when to dial it back(he was keeping me at what felt like a very easy pace and I kept wanting to go faster)

We just sort of cruised, chatting and having periods of quiet, just like we do when we’re running together normally.  It felt like the easiest race I had ever run.  At each mile, Dad was reporting that not only were we staying well below our  minimum speed targets(9:45 pace) we were building up quite the reserve should I need to stop and stretch or slow down.  Amazingly, my calf did not hurt AT. ALL. during the race(the shake out run we did yesterday….different story!).  I didn’t stop to stretch even once during the entire 6.2 miles.

At mile marker 5, we sped up to a low 9:XX pace(around 9:10 I think).  It was at this point that I heard someone coughing/gagging behind me and I started sprinting(more or less) to get away(I have a severe phobia of vomiting and I was worried I’d hear some vomiting so it was definitely the flight part of fight or flight).

I ended up crossing the finish line at 58:30(clock time) and 58:01 chip time…so only 16 s slower than last year when I had actually, you know…trained!

The course had passed right by the road on which our cars were parked, and this was where we dropped our sweatshirts…and were able to recover them on our way back to the car!

We hung out for a bit, and I ran into one of the ophthalmologist I refer to(she smoked me..by 4 minutes…and she’s in her 60s….AND she ran the half marathon later that morning).

It makes me think that, injuries notwithstanding, I might be able to actually train and run a sub-55min….maybe next year!



2 thoughts on “Tybee 10k Race Recap

  1. fitundgluecklich says:

    Congrats on the good time, wow, really good!!!! I’m still not running after my surgery, actually not training at all (4 weeks later)… I’m still in pain when I do too much and feel a bit foggy all the time… hope this will be better soon!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Gosh that sucks that you’re still doing poorly! I think I started back at the gym at about 3-4 weeks and I definitely felt very weak and woozy at first, so I took it really easy. And a lot of core work was out because it made my area feel funky. I hope that you are back up to speed really quickly!! Did they do the surgery laparoscopically or did you get the full cut?

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