So, I STILL haven’t finished my January dress.  UGH!  I have just had so little time to work on it.  The dress itself is technically complete; I’m just working on the finishing touches.  It’s going to have a lace border  on the skirt and a big bow belt around the waist.  The material is also very drapey and I feel that it needs a petticoat to give it some oomph…so I have to make that as well.

Plus, I still need to organize my sewing room, make some storage boxes for fabric and upholster a bench/make some pillows. And all kinds of spring cleaning.   I really just need to take a week vacation to do chores and stuff around the house!

Moving on: Since I haven’t yet completed the dress I promised you I’d make in January, I thought why not make an outfit out of a different dress I have made. I originally had made this dress to wear to a wedding in December.  Even though I had all sorts of issues in the construction of it, it actually turned out quite lovely and I was eager to find a way to wear it for work.  I was actually inspired by a look I saw on the limited website where a lace dress was combined with a cardigan in a similar color.

Monochromatic3 (1 of 1)

{Dress: Made by Me, Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet, Tights: Givenchy(Tuesday Morning), Shoes: Kelsey Dagger, Necklace: Banana Republic}

Tomorrow I am doing a talk  to a bunch of school age kids about eye health and eye exams, so I should probably get started on writing that…..


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