No outfit post for today.  Tomorrow is my 10k race and in anticipation of it(plus a fully booked schedule) I decided to go for comfort over style today.

Just some odds and ends/news.  Basically this is going to be a string of consciousness type post, so forgive me for just jumping around from topic to topic.

You might not believe this, but I’ve NEVER run a race in a tutu.  Not really sure how that happened as I’d practically wear a tutu to work but, there it is.  Anyways, I made a tutu yesterday to wear.  This is also the fourth year in a row I’ve run this particular race(with my dad) so I made us coordinating shirts(which no one will actually get to see since it’s forecasted to be 31F while we are running and we’ll be all bundled up!).  The front says “Craggy Island Spider Babies” which, unless you watch the tv show Father Ted(and I recommend that you do), you won’t get it.  The back has the “indian” names my dad and I used when we were in Indian Princess way back when I was a little girl(it was the 80s, political correctness didn’t really exist back then), plus all the years that we’ve run this particular race.


My sister wore the flowery pink shirt I made for as a Christmas gift this week and looked awesome.  She got tons of compliments and everyone wanted to know where she had purchased it!


If you recognize that skirt, yes, we both own the same skirt.  Bought it at the same time when we were shopping together.

Speaking of my sister, I did a guest post over on her blog about Gluten-Free Raspberry Filled Chocolate Cupcakes, so get thee to her blog and check it out!

Last night, we received a call that my aunt was in the hospital and that they had found a large mass on her spine.  She was to have emergency surgery today.  I found out this morning that the lump is benign and while she will have to have it removed at some point, no surgery was required today.  Even still, keep her in your thoughts/prayers.  THANK YOU!!

I bought a full kit of professional dog grooming supplies because having 4 dogs needing to be groomed once/month was getting way too expensive.  I’m going to do my first attempt on Lili and Aspen this weekend.  I might post about it……

I did not finish the dress I was working on.  I’ve just not had the time like I usually do.  January was full of social events unlike our usual lives.  I literally had at least one dinner event each week for the past 4 weeks, plus family visiting and other things.  Additionally, the dress it this wool/silk blend and I thought it would be nice to make the skirt part pleated….eh, not so much.  It’s way too drapey for pleating, so I had to remove it and gather it.  I’ve also had some issues with the zipper. Needless to say, I *hope* to finish it this weekend, but no guarantees.  As soon as I finish though, I have to start working on February’s dress since, you know I wanted to wear it for Valentines day!!

For my US readers, are you having any kind of Superbowl Party this weekend?  We will be getting together with my parents and friends(hopefully) to watch it and eat junk food(of the paleo persuasion of course!)




3 thoughts on “Stuff

    • guitargrl325 says:

      You definitely should run in a tutu! Though I’ve never personally run in one yet, I hear nothing but good things….I HAVE however, run in a King Arthur costume for a Halloween run a few years back. My dad dressed as Patsy(both of us from Monty Python and the Holy Grail). He even carried two halves of a coconut and banged them together whilst we were running. We won first place in the costume contest portion of the race.

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