Fashion Re-Do #18+Resolution Updates

**For the entire month of January, I’m going to be  re-doing outfits I’ve previously worn that just didn’t really work.  I’ll be sticking with the main theme of the outfit fail, but trying new pieces or combinations to take a failed outfit into a favorite outfit.**

Today’s fashion fail definitely resulted due to a lack of effort.  I just threw some clothes on and took a picture.  It’s also another example of how makeup can make or break an outfit….and my eye makeup in the failed pic is just too dark and heavy for how light my eyebrows look(I’m guessing I forgot to darken them that morning)

easy1 (1 of 1)

For the re-do, I wanted to stick with the theme of red+leopard+black, but do it in a way that I hadn’t already done before( this is my favorite way I’ve combined leopard, black and red). I don’t have tons of red pieces in my closet, so I decided to wear my Joan Dress that I had made back in October, with the leopard cardigan and a black bow belt.

I’ll be honest with you that it’s still not as great as I would’ve liked it to be.  It’s definitely an improvement on what you see above, but I’m not *in LOVE* with it as I have been with some of my other re-dos.

redo#18 (1 of 1)

{Dress: Made by Me, Cardigan: Old Navy, Bow Belt: From another skirt, Shoes: Michael Kors, Necklace: Target}


I had planned to write about my NY resolutions on yesterday’s post, but since it ended up being so long with just the gifts, I figured better save it for another day.  Today is that day.

If you didn’t read that post, you can find it here.  I separated my resolutions into four categories: fitness, 12 month dress challenge, theme months and saving money.  Obviously I’ve been working on the theme months this past month so that’s in check.

I’m running a 10k this Saturday morning, so most of the month’s working out has been dedicated to training(sort of) for that.  I’ll admit I haven’t been as faithful or as driven in my workouts.  I have probably averaged 2-3 runs/week(most of the time only 2 times/week) with 1-2 HIIT workouts(short 10-15 minute sessions before I lifted) and 2 lifting sessions.  It doesn’t seem that bad when I look at it like that, but still not nearly as much as I would have liked(nor were most of them really that intense).  I have not been that “into” running over this past “training cycle”(I call it a training cycle as I usually take the summer off from almost all running), so I don’t have any illusions that I’ll get a PR on this race, but I do hope the finish it in under an hour(last year I ran it in 57:19).  I am starting to get the running bug again, though, so you may find me running(and blogging about it) more….

I am currently working on my January dress.  I am planning to have it done(I hope) so that I can wear it on Friday, which yeah, I knew is technically February, but it’s the first of February and I’ll have made the dress in January so…..I have not had much time at all to sew this past month. Between lots of social activities(parties, family get togethers, work dinners, ect) plus working on setting up my sewing room….well I’ve been booked up!

Saving money.  In my NY resolution post, I wrote about how I wanted to limit my expenditures on clothing to a bare minimum.  I was planning to only purchase clothing from Goodwill or fabric to make my own clothes….nothing new from stores.  I allowed myself the freedom to purchase shoes, workout clothes and intimates as needed, but wanted to put a moratorium on all other clothing spending(and saving the money to help out an unfortunate family next Christmas).  I did end up purchasing two pairs of shoes from Target.  A navy blue pair of flats for $8 and a pair of leopard print pumps for $15(to replace a pair I have that are falling apart).

I wish I could tell you that those two pairs of shoes were my only clothing purchases…..but unfortunately they are not.  I know! One month in and I broke my resolution already!!  So here’s what happened….a few weeks ago I was in Target buying some household necessities(tp, papertowel) and I happened to come across the Target+Neimen Marcus collection at 70% off!  I got caught up in the great prices and picked up a navy blazer($38), a silk lace blouse($20) and a wool cape($20).  After I got home, I realized that I had broken my resolution and I planned to take everything back.

Target is not convenient for me to go to on a regular basis, but that Tuesday I was to have a special dinner meeting in town and I figured I could take the stuff back on my way….well, the dinner ended up getting cancelled so I figured I’d just take it all back another day…..that’s when I found out that my stuff had a return limit on it and it was expired….I couldn’t return the stuff!

Needless to say, I’m less than proud of behavior, but glad that my purchases were still within our monthly clothing budget, but I would have liked to have been here saying…I save $XXX this month for charity instead of having to confess that I bought new clothes :-/

Next month I will do better!

How are you doing with your resolutions(if you made them)?



4 thoughts on “Fashion Re-Do #18+Resolution Updates

  1. Michelle says:

    You could donate those clothes to charity and then you’re back on track with the 2013 resolutions 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiring month. With the process of re-doing, why spend tons of money on new outdfits?

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Very true point! It’s also made me appreciate the rest of my closet more(being limited to only re-dos). I’ve already made some outfit ideas for when I’m no longer doing re-dos.

  2. thelimoncellolife says:

    I actually lol regarding breaking your New Years resolution as i did the same. I had one month – January not to buy any clothes.I failed big time- new skirt, jeans, scarf, shoes all from the Zara Sale. Eeek

    • guitargrl325 says:

      hahahaa….so glad I’m not the only one! It’s quite hard with the January sales….particularly when it is pieces you were looking at in the prior year but didnt’ want to buy because they were outside of what you felt like spending….then all of a sudden there they are a fantastic price!

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