Fashion Re-Do #13

**For the entire month of January, I’m going to be  re-doing outfits I’ve previously worn that just didn’t really work.  I’ll be sticking with the main theme of the outfit fail, but trying new pieces or combinations to take a failed outfit into a favorite outfit.**

Lucky number 13 eh?

The original for this outfit isn’t, unlike some of the previous re-do’s, *that* bad, other than the shoes(which have long been sent to Goodwill) and the fact that I look haggard because I took the picture at the end of a work day(as opposed to first thing before work).  I figured though, since it was a month of re-do’s, I might as well try to do a completely different look based on the original.



The original was based on an outfit I had pinned from polyvore seen here:



Here’s the re-imagining of the above two looks:

redo#13-1 (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Thrifted and Up-cycled by Me, Sweater: Old Navy, Skirt: Made By Me, Shoes: Hand-me-Down from Sister}

Should the shoes actually be called hand-me-ups since my sister is younger(and shorter, so truly handing them up in all ways haha)?


I know I probably say this every Monday, but seriously the weekend flew by.  My folks came over Friday night for dinner and to finish the game we started on New Years Day.  For the record, we’ve planned the game twice now(Lord of the Rings board game) and the Dark Lord Sauron has won twice(!).

Saturday morning brought a long run for dad and I, then various chores throughout the day(and church that night).  I don’t know what happened to Sunday.  I worked hard on sewing, cooking, laundry and ironing and now suddenly it’s Monday afternoon.

Some really exciting news is that the table top and feet for my work station are now completely painted/stained/poly-urathaned…whatever….basically we are ready to put everything together TONIGHT!!  I will try to get some pictures ASAP if everything works out.



4 thoughts on “Fashion Re-Do #13

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! If you’re referring to the polyvore image, I cannot take credit for that. I’m pretty sure I found that on Pinterest. thanks for reading though!

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