Fashion Re-Do #8

**For the entire month of January, I’m going to be  re-doing outfits I’ve previously worn that just didn’t really work.  I’ll be sticking with the main theme of the outfit fail, but trying new pieces or combinations to take a failed outfit into a favorite outfit.**

Continuing with our theme of correcting outfit fails, I’m re-doing a look that makes me cringe when I look back at it.  On the one hand, I can’t believe I posted such a look….but on the other hand, I’m actually really glad I did because it shows that it’s okay to make fashion mis-steps and that not every outfit is going to be amazing.  It’s not so much that this outfit is inherently bad, but it’s just not put together well.  If I were an outsider, I would say it looks like random pieces just thrown together without a cohesive “look”.  Tucking in the blouse would have gone a very long way to making this outfit look a lot better.


I’m actually about ready to donate that navy blouse to Goodwill.  It just doesn’t look very good in photos(nor in real life).  The ruffle around the neck will NOT lay properly anymore, and I don’t like the way it almost has a v-neck like appearance.

Anyways, for today’s look, I switched the colors of the cardigan and skirt, and used a different navy blouse, which definitely improves this outfit.

redo8-1.jpg (1 of 1)

{Blouse: Gap, Cardigan: J Crew Outlet, Shoes: Enzo Angiolini, Skirt: Target, Necklace: F21}

I’m getting my hair cut tonight!  Nothing crazy…I want it to be long again, but something needs to be done to tame this crazy mane I got going on!


I took Lili to the vet this morning and she does have to have surgery to get the tumor removed, but since it’s so small it won’t be a big deal and the vet recommended against getting it tested for malignancy because even if it were malignant they wouldn’t be doing any treatments at this point in time.  We’ll probably schedule the surgery for next week sometime.

I had a good weekend, with some slight frustrations.  The weather seemed for forget it was January and it’s been HOT and HUMID all weekend(highs in the 80s with humidity at 100%).  That made staining and painting difficult as nothing was drying!!  So instead of completely finishing the top piece for my work station, it’s still in the garage waiting for a few more coats of polyurethane.

Additionally, I want(ed) a new chair for my new sewing room. Currently I had a $5 fold up chair from Wal-Mart(originally purchased to use for workouts…you know step ups, chair dips, ect).  Since the cost of the work station was quite a lot(close to $500 with all the crap we needed, cabinets, paint, stain, plywood top, beadboard, ect), I wanted to get a chair as cheaply as possible(but still have it look nice). My ideal chair would be a Parsons chair or an armless kitchen table chair with a padded seat.  I found a kitchen chair at Goodwill for $8 that seemed like it had potential.  I figured it I stripped the paint off, re-painted it and re-upholstered the seat I’d have a great looking chair for less than $30…..

Okay, first off, stripping furniture SUCKS!  If you’ve never done it, you have to use these super strong horrid chemicals that practically require a hazmat suit to use(safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves,ect) and it doesn’t just dissolve the paint(which you would think it could given then level of protection you need to use it plus the fact that you have to take the used gunk/materials to a hazardous waste disposal center), you have to still chip away at it…and if even a fleck of the paint/chemical mixture lands on bare flesh….let me tell you it feels pretty much like a colony of fire ants has set up shop on your body.

I applied the stripper to the chair 5 different times and spent hours on it, only to still have chunks of paint that refused to come off….that was when I realized my supposed wood chair was actually just press board with a thin piece of wood glued on top(that was starting to peel off in places) and that there were some unfortunate chips and scuffs in the “wood” I hadn’t noticed before.  Still I persevered because, well, maybe I could still save it.

At my wits end with the stripper, I moved on to sanding.  I sanded that thing within an inch of it’s life and it still wasn’t removing all the paint, but it was smooth and since I was re-painting it a very similar white color to what it had originally been, I figured I could attempt to paint it.  It just looks like utter crap.

Long story short…I will never attempt to strip paint off a chair again…and I’m still looking for a chair for my sewing room.


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