Outfit Re-do #2

**For the entire month of January, I’m going to be  re-doing outfits I’ve previously worn that just didn’t really work.  I’ll be sticking with the main theme of the outfit fail, but trying new pieces or combinations to take a failed outfit into a favorite outfit.**

I’m going way back in time for today’s re-do.  I wore the original version of this outfit back in November 2011.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what makes the original incarnation a fail for me; my bad hair style is definitely contributing.  I also don’t like how I pulled the ruffled collar out because it makes me look like a circus animal!


For the re-do, I made sure my hair was looking better(it’s actually quite a cute up-do, though you can’t really that from the pictures….), I wore a different grey top and changed the A-line for a pencil skirt.

redo2-2.jpg (1 of 1)

{Blouse/Skirt: Limited, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Necklace: Christmas Gift(from Target), Shoes: Urbanog.com, Tights/Belt: Ann Taylor}

redo2collageA VERY hilarious thing happened last night.  My husband had his good friend over for dinner and a movie. He’s been to our house several times and met all our dogs except Lili.  For whatever reason, Lili decided she DID NOT like him and  was “chasing” him around the house barking and growling at him.  When he went out to his truck to get something she followed him to the door barking and I swear you could tell she was saying, “get out and stay out!”.  She has NEVER acted like that before. She usually is very accommodating of everyone(we take her with us to most places and we’ve never had a problem before).  The only thing we can think of is that hubby’s friend has very thick bushy hair and a full-on mountain man beard, so maybe it was all the hair?  Either way, we were all rolling on the floor laughing at this 3 pound dog acting tough and barking at our friend!

Eventually she warmed up to him(after he gave her some treats) and she even sat on his lap for a bit, but it was definitely touch and go for a bit there!



2 thoughts on “Outfit Re-do #2

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Thanks! I purchased the Naked Basics palette about a month ago, and I can’t stop using it! It’s pretty much my go-to palette right now, it’s also great for travel because it’s so small.

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