2013: Looking Ahead


Happy New Year!

Did you go out and party last night?  Hubby and I stayed in with my parents(who had driven in from KY after visiting my grandparents) and none of us made it to midnight.  What can I say, we get up early so we go to bed early.  We were given a bottle of champagne for our wedding(6.5 years ago) that we still haven’t drunk.  We keep saying every major holiday that we’ll get it out and drink it, but something always happens to stop it.  Last night was no exception.  We still have it chilling in the fridge.  Maybe next year!!

I’m currently the only awake…correction, the only HUMAN awake.  If one person is awake, all the dogs are most definitely awake(and doing their best to wake up the rest of the household by laying in front of closed bedroom doors and crying), enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee.

Anyways, just like most people, with the start of the new year comes a desire to re-invent or do over at least some aspect of your life.  Every year, my goals are always similar: get in better shape, be more organized, live life in the moment, ect.

I am constantly striving to make this blog a better and more user-friendly space.  In light of the new year, I figured it was time for some changes/better organization. You may have already noticed that I’ve changed to a simpler layout.  I hope this makes it easier to read and less distracting.  I’m currently organizing my tabs and hope to have a summary of all “looks” shown on the blog grouped together so you can quickly look for a specific outfit or style for you own inspiration.  I’ve also added a sewing project tab where you can look at all my sewing project pictures with links to the specific blog post about that particular project.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 4.10.57 PM

One thing I’ve never really written about on this blog, but that is very near and dear to my heart is fitness.  I used to blog only about fitness, but it slowly morphed into a lifestyle blog, then became a fashion/beauty blog.  I’d like to incorporate more fitness stuff.  Nothing major, but just general goals and updates to those goals, when/if they are reached.

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 8.36.14 AM

I really enjoy challenges, and since my newest passion is sewing, I thought it would fun to set myself up with a sewing challenge.  This challenge is one that I will be working on all 12 months of 2013.  I’m going to be making a new dress each month for the entire 12 months.  I already have all the fabric I’ll need(or I’ve ordered it with Christmas money).  I’ve already planned out the entire year’s worth of dresses, and for nearly all the months, there is a specific occasion I will be wearing it(i.e., Hubby’s bday dinner, V-Day, my birthday, anniversary, Easter, ect).  I’ll check in each month with at least one post for that month’s dress.

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 4.19.02 PM

I really enjoyed this past October where I did a theme week each week for 4 weeks.  It helped challenge me to use pieces already in my closet in new ways, as well as help some readers out with specific types of combinations(pattern mixing).  I don’t have enough ideas, nor would I necessarily want every.single.month. to be centered around a theme, but currently I have four ideas in the mix, which essentially translates into one theme month each quarter.  I’m going to be kicking off my first theme month on January 2.

While looking back over my blog to come up with my favorite looks of 2012, I saw a lot of looks that were just off, or not that great.  I thought it would be fun to have a re-do month.  For the month of January, I’ll be taking the worst of the worst outfits I’ve posted and re-styling them to look better.  That’s what January is for right?  Re-dos?!

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 4.20.44 PM

Finally, I want to place a moratorium on spending money on new clothes.  I spent entirely too much $$ on clothing last year and I want to severely cut back my spending.  The exceptions to this rule are thrifted/used clothing and fabric to make my own clothing.  Additionally,  shoes, workout gear, and intimates are not part of this challenge.  I can’t make any of those things and if I need them, I need them and will be purchasing them(but likely won’t need any of those aforementioned exceptions).  I am free to use my own personal gift money(ie, from Christmas and birthday) to purchase clothing, but nothing from our clothing budget.  Hubby will not be part of this moratorium(so if he needs something, he can get it), but I hope to set aside the unspent money throughout the year and use it next December to give Christmas to a deserving family.

Here’s to a fantastic 2013!



6 thoughts on “2013: Looking Ahead

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I thought of this challenge, mostly to keep myself from spending too much money on clothes and/or material for projects….This past year, I bought tons of fabric for all these different projects, but then I didn’t complete that many of them(compared to how much supplies I bought). I figure if I plan to make a dress each month, it will keep me occupied with projects as well as fashion so that I won’t be as tempted to buy more clothes and/or other crap.

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