2012: A look Back

I really want to start this post off with some statement like “wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year already”, but I also assume you’ve probably read a similar statement on nearly every blog in recent days.  So, I won’t start the way I want, but instead tell you about how I want to start that way, so in reality I do get to write what I want, but in a way that makes me seem cool because I’m all aware of the cliche statement I’m writing.

To start off with, I thought I’d show you my very favorite outfits from the past year.  I literally just paged back through my blog and noted each outfit that made me think, yep, I’d wear that again in a heartbeat and made a collage of it.  There’s no rhyme or reason to the layout and I didn’t make it a specific number(favorite 12 of ’12 or anything cheesy like that).


So, now that you’ve seen my favorite looks of 2012, I thought it would be nice to review the major happenings of the past 12 months just like I did here.


The most exciting thing that happened in January was the installation of our closet system.  Hubby worked very hard to get it done quickly, but professionally(he’s a perfectionist) and I still sometimes just hang out in there admiring his work.


We also celebrated Hubby’s 29th birthday(soon to be 30th now!!)


My dad and I had planned to run a 10k together, but 4 days before the race he came down with a nasty case of gastroenteritis.  He still came to cheer me on as I completed my first “official” 10k(I had previously run 2 half marathons, a 15k and a 10 mile mountain race, so I had run that distance many times).  We’re going to try again this year!

I also was offered an increase of the days I was working at one of the private practices, which allowed me to drop down to having only TWO jobs instead of three.  I gave my notice at the very bad place I was working, but unfortunately still had to work out my contract.



March was an exciting month for us!  We took a real vacation(one in which we didn’t use our time off to visit family) to Bryson City, NC and celebrated my 30th birthday while we were there.  The girls came with us and they LOVED running up and down the mountainside in our cabin’s backyard.


We enjoyed celebrating my dad’s birthday, as well as having Easter with my parents and grandparents.  I treasure any time spent with family, particularly with my grandparents!  I will always choose to spend time with them making memories.


On what had to be the hottest day ever recorded in April(95+*) in Savannah, we did some landscaping which really helped the house look amazing.

We were able to see Chris Thile perform as part of the Savannah Music Festival, which was incredible. My favorite part of the whole evening was when he was taking request and someone shouted out, “Play ‘put the pigs foot a little closer to the fire'” and Chris asked the person to hum a few bars so he could recognize it, and then he just started playing it….just like that!

However, probably the best part of the whole month of April was that I had my last day at the very bad place and I couldn’t be happier.


May was a bit of a downer month.  I had surgery for endometriosis and found out that it would be highly unlikely for us to conceive without IVF.


In more positive news, I finally got my statement wall in the living room painted and my scrapbook wall art hung.  Hubby also added in another breaker into our bonus room so I wouldn’t be tripping the breaker when I tried to iron while we are watching tv.


This was the month in which my sewing really took off.  I complete my first dress(found here) and I made pleated full skirt inspired by a $300+ Kate Spade one.

The best thing that happened this month was a full-time job offer(to start in November) from the private practice I was working 3 days a week.  This meant benefits and paid time off!


July rocked!  My sister-in-law and brother-in-law, plus our niece came to visit us for the Fourth.  We found out my sister-in-law was expecting another baby and we got to have lots of fun playing games and loving on our niece.  My grandparents came down as well, so we had a very full house!  We even had a little fire work show in our backyard. 

zfourth.jpg (1 of 1)

Hubby and I also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Olde Pink House.  I wore a bright pink taffeta ball gown I made and got tons of compliments on it!


It was really humid that night which is why the picture looks so funky


Nothing really major happened in August other than normal life.  My sister and her husband came into town and we all went to see Jim Gaffigan perform.  It was hilarious and I highly recommend seeing him if you have the opportunity.  It’s worth it!


My in-laws visited us for a long weekend, which we packed full of activities.  We walked around downtown Savannah, had a meal at the Green Truck Pub, then had dinner with my parents at Alligator Soul.  On Sunday, we went to Charleston, took a tour, and walked around Isle of Palms.  As usual, the trip was way too short, and I can’t wait until we can go visit them!

I also cut my long hair to a short bob(and I’m still missing my long hair….please come back soon!).  Don’t ever let me cut all my hair off again!


October is always one of my favorite months, mostly because it means Halloween, but this year was particularly exciting because we found out we are getting a nephew in February.

My office staff and I dressed up for Halloween, as you’ve already seen here.

We also inherited a fourth dog: a little 3 pound yorkie named Lili.



This month passed by in a blur.  I spent nearly every free moment sewing and crafting nearly all the gifts we gave for Christmas.  I started working full-time at the private practice and I love it!

Thanksgiving brought family time and 4 days off in a row(including a paid day off, which I had never had in my career as an optometrist before).


This past month was filled with more sewing, lots of family time, cooking, parties and meals with friends.  I enjoyed the holiday season this year so much and I can’t wait till it comes around again next year!

I hope that you enjoyed this quick look back at my life in 2012.  I’ll be back tomorrow(I hope) with a post describing some goals and directions I want the blog to take in 2013!

Are you doing anything fun/exciting for New Year’s Eve?  The hubby and I will be taking it easy at our house.  We are not go-out and party people and much prefer a relaxing night in with a bottle of champagne and  a tray of cheese.


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