Sequins and Bows

You know I’ll wear sequins at any time during the year, but they seem even more appropriate at Christmas time.  Continuing with my Christmas inspired looks, I’m wearing a sequin sweater I found at Goodwill months ago.  I have no idea where it is from, what it’s made of or even what size it is(it didn’t have a tag), but it fits so I’m assuming it’s around my normal size!  I also believe that it has some form of wool and cashmere based on the texture/feeling of the material.

I’ve combined it with my Betty Draper(from Banana Republic) dress that you’ve seen a few times before(I own it in both colors it came in).  It’s one of my favorite dresses because not only is it incredibly flattering on my particular body type, but it also is really comfortable and the piece de resistance: it has pockets! Pockets in dresses and skirts are my kryptonite!

This look is another great example of something that can transition from the office to a party.  Just remove the sweater, add a sparkly necklace and you’re good to go!



sequinsandbows1 (1 of 1)

{Dress: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Goodwill(unknown original store), Tights: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Kelsey Dagger}

So basically no one at work noticed that I had full-on fringe bangs.  One person did ask if something was different, but they weren’t sure what it was!





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