Candy Cane

You may have noticed I didn’t post an outfit on Friday.  It stared off simply because I forgot my memory card at home.  I figured I’d just upload this pictures and do a post that evening after work.  Then shortly after I arrived at work, I received the horrifying news of the shooting that had just taken place in CT.  I didn’t/don’t know any of the people involved, but my heart was grieved for the lives lost and I just felt that it would be cheesy and inappropriate to post a stupid outfit picture on such a sad day.

I don’t assume that everyone that reads my blog believes in God or a higher power, but because I do, I want to share with you an album that has brought me comfort in trying times and I think would be appropriate for anyone who is suffering through the death or loss of a loved one.

Beauty will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman is a beautiful album written by Mr. Chapman after the tragic death of his daughter.  It explores all the emotions and feelings he and his family went through during those trying times. I recommend having some tissues nearby when you are listening because it will definitely bring tears to your eyes.  My favorite song is probably “Just have to Wait” where SCC sings about how he can’t wait to hold his little girl in his arms, have her sing a song to him, watch her with her sisters and her mom, ect but he’ll just have to wait.

Another great song is See where he sings of his daughter telling him of heaven, “See it’s everything you said that it would be and even better than you would believe, and I’m counting down the days until you’re here with me, and finally you’ll see”

Anyways, just thought I’d share.

So, no good way to transition into a post about fashion, so I’ll just go straight into it.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, I figured it’d be fun to dedicate this week to Christmas Inspired looks and to kick things off, I’m going with my red/white stripe dress with is very reminiscent of a candy cane.  I added a bow sash(bows are very Christmasy no?), a sparkly headband, and a green statement necklace.  candycane (1 of 1)

{Shirt/Cardigan: WHBM, Skirt/Sash: Made by Me, Shoes/Headband: Cato, Necklace: NY&co}

I have had a series of bad hair days recently, which usually indicates that I need a hair cut!  I may try to get that accomplished this week(along with a million other things!), but we’ll see.





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