Modern Vintage

My look today is composed entirely of current pieces from regular stores(Gap, Target, J. Crew), but it looks like it could easily be a vintage outfit from the early 60s.

I suppose you could say that today’s outfit is a perfect example of my style(vintage looking with modern pieces).

As per my usual, I tried several different versions of this look before settling on my favorite.

Warning: my face looks funky(weird smiles or something) in most of these pictures.

Option 1:

modernvintage2 (1 of 1)


Option 2:

modernvintage (1 of 1)


Option 3:

modernvintage1 (1 of 1)


Option 4: This is how I’m wearing it!

modernvintage3 (1 of 1)


{Polka Dot Blouse: Gap, White Blouse: Ann Taylor, Cardigan: J Crew, Skirt: Target, Necklace: Banana, Shoes: Nine West(Ross, old)}

Well, I really enjoyed my first official weekend!  Last weekend didn’t count as it was part of a “holiday”.  I think I can get used to only working 5 days a week and having more time to accomplish things.  My sister was AWESOME in her musical, I got to see their new house(which is gorgeous) as well as have lunch with my grandparents.

Hubby and I are going to a wedding on Wednesday night.  We just found out about it on Friday and hubby suggested I make a dress to wear to “show off my sewing skills” so I’m furiously trying to complete a dress(yes, in addition to all the other things and dresses I’m making).  It’s a silvery-gray fabric with a silver lace overlay.  It was the nicest fabric in my collection that wasn’t white or cream(verboten to wear at a wedding) or earmarked for another project this holiday season.

The bodice is basically complete(other than finishing the lace at the sleeves and the collar) and the skirt lining is 70% done.  I think I should be able to complete it tonight after work(except for the zipper since I need to go purchase one).  If I can get the zipper installed tomorrow, I’ll be good to go!

It has a scoop neck with lace overlay creating a boatneck and lace sleeves. The skirt will be somewhere between a pencil and an A-line skirt(not as tight as a pencil, not as loose as an A-line).

I also have to finish my green dress for the Holiday party on Friday.  I actually made the dress, but it’s way too big in the neck so I have to start from scratch.  I’m using a different pattern this time and it is a really quick pattern.  Minimal darts and a skirt with one big pleat so I should have no problem finish it in time(assuming I work most nights on sewing!).



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