Oh Beehive!

Yes, I really am that corny.  As I was getting dressed this morning after doing my hair/makeup I looked over at the mirror in my closet and that phrase(borrowed of course from Austin Powers and changed slightly) popped into my head when I looked at my hair.

If you haven’t read my About Me facts, you wouldn’t know that I love to quote movies and tv shows excessively.  It’s really bad when I’m around my dad or sister, and if the three of us are together, well, you better just forget any normal conversation happening!  We can come up with a movie/tv quote for almost all situations.

This past weekend my grandparents were in town for Thanksgiving and we were all going to church together.  Hubby’s knee was bothering him so he was walking slowly and remarked that even with his slow pace, we were still well ahead of my grandparents.  I replied, “When 82 years old you reach, walk so fast, you will not”(if you live under a rock, that’s a re-do of a quote by Yoda from Star Wars).  I got a high-five for that one.

Anyways, I am kind of giving in to the whole “fashion-blogger” aesthetic today.  Color blocking, cutesy, glasses and sort of a bun…though not a high ballerina bun!  All I’m missing is a cup of Starbucks coffee.

In defense of myself on the glasses:  had I not had LASIK surgery back in 2009, I would actually NEED glasses to be able to see well, basically anything.  And furthermore, I am an eye doctor and my livelihood is based on prescribing glasses to other people, so it’s not so much that I’m trying to be like other bloggers, but more so that I’m representing optometry!  Plus the glasses just *make* the outfit!

It’s a little chilly this morning for bare legs, so deciding what tights to wear(and by consequence, what shoes!) was a bit of a quandary.  I decided to be brave and go with red, but then I was uncertain about footwear.  I tried it with both red and mustard shoes, and I feel the red looked the best(which is how I’m wearing it).


Red Shoes:




{Blouse/Cardigan: Banana Republic, Skirt: Made by Me, Tights: Express, Red Pumps: WHBM, Mustard Pumps: Urbanog.com}

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  We had planned to do it the weekend before Thanksgiving(since we wouldn’t be around on Thanksgiving to do it), but ran out of time. Then we thought we’d do it this past Sunday….yup, that didn’t happen! Monday…same deal.  The new plan is to decorate this Sunday after I get back from visiting my sister(and hubby gets home from work).

We don’t have stairs/ladder into our attic so it requires hubby to stand on the top of our small ladder and pull himself up into the attic to hand the Christmas stuff down to me, so it’s not something one person could do.  And we have to decorate the house because we’re having Christmas at our house this year(with my parents, sister and her hubby, and my grandparents!).



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