I’ve told you many times that I will often put together looks that should look good in theory, but somehow don’t work that well in reality.  I’m kind of getting that vibe from today’s look.  Pairing leopard and teal seemed like a good idea.  But somehow, how I’ve put it together and styled it today seems a little off.

Maybe it would look better if the sleeves of my cardigan were 3/4 length instead of full-length.  Also, I’m thinking my big poufy hair is throwing things off and giving too much of an 80s suburban mom trying to look cool or something.

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3: How I’m wearing it today(with the necklace hanging properly of course…not off kilter like in this photo)


{Dress: Goodwill(originally JC Penney), Necklace: Ebay, Cardigan: Old Navy, Shoes: Rack Room, Headband: Payless, Tights: Nichole Miller(at Tuesday Morning)}

Truthfully though, I am not actually wearing those shoes today.  I switched them out for my black patent Aldo flats because it is stormy today and I didn’t want to slip on the wet ground or ruin my suede shoes in the rain.

I’m excited about this weekend because I’m going up to see my sister’s new(ish) house!!  It’s not BRAND NEW because they have been living in it for about 6 months now, but it’s new to me because I’ve never seen it before!  Not only will I get to see the house and spend some time with her, but I’m also going to get to see her in a musical.

Here’s a fun fact about me and my sister: We both LOVE acting and musicals.  We both were in plays/musicals in school(she even did them in college!).  In my senior year of high school, a classmate and I did a scene from The Importance of being Ernest and we won first place in an art/drama competition for all private schools in Florida.  We even went to Nationals!

My sister is lucky to live in a small town that has a community theatre.  She has been in multiple productions and is one of the best actresses that town has!  And lucky for them, she has been classically trained in singing(she was in choir and took voice lessons all throughout middle/high school).

Have a great Wednesday.



4 thoughts on “Off

  1. Emily R. says:

    I thought about an outfit shockingly similar to that one (same sweater and necklace). I think the sweater and necklace would be cute with black patent flats, so that they would remain the focus.

    • guitargrl325 says:

      Aww..thanks! I used hot rollers to achieve that level of hugeness! Plus, I back-combed/teased the roots before I put the curlers in. One secret to better, fuller curls is to use dirty hair. Any hair stylist will tell you if you’re going to do an up-do or fancy style, it’s best to have 2 or3 day old hair. I’ve found that I can get my hair really big and full when it’s been styled/hair sprayed the day before and there’s still some residual hair spray left in my hair.

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