The Thanksgiving Dress

So I have been lax in posting the last few days.  I was at my parents house and decided it was more important to spend time with family then to worry about posting to my blog.

We had a great Thanksgiving and I enjoyed 4(four!) days off in a row!  I got tons of Christmas sewing done, played games, ran several times with my dad and got in a little bit of shopping.

I wore this dress for Thanksgiving dinner, and since I didn’t blog about it then, decided I’d wear it again for work today.

I tried a few different shoes for this dress and each one adds it’s own unique style.

Brown pointed toe:

Taupe Mary-Jane Platforms(what I’m wearing today):

Two-tone Flats(how I wore it on Thanksgiving):

And finally, the dress with a petticoat underneath to increase the fullness of the skirt:

{Dress: Made By Me, Brown Pumps: Ross, Platforms:, Flats: Aldo, Headband: Michael’s}

I do think that the petticoat needs a few more layers to make it even more full!

I know that the fabric is some sort of silk.  I believe it is a silk cotton blend based upon the soft feel of it, but it’s been so long since I purchased it(about a year), that I can’t remember exactly.  I originally had about 4 yards of it, and only used 2 yards for this dress so I do have some leftovers.  I’m thinking about making a full pleated skirt, but I’m not sure.  My dad mentioned he’d like a shirt made out of this material so we’ll see if I can make both things happen!

I wanted a fuller skirt than the pattern had, so I used the bodice portion of the pattern to make my bodice, then I simply made a gathered square skirt for the skirt portion.  My skirt is simply three panels sewn together(40″ for the front, 20″ each for the two back panels) and gathered to match the bodice.

It has pockets(of course!) and is lined with a dark brown satin.  I sandwiched the zipper between the lining and the dress so you don’t see any raw seam edges inside the dress!!  I also made my first lapped zipper(which is a lot easier than it looks).


There’s a zipper in there.  Ta-da:

I made cuffs for the sleeves and added on some small bows for a decorative appeal.

When you make a lining for a garment, you are essentially making that garment TWICE!!  It does add a lot of extra work but it really makes your garment look more professional as well as feel heftier and more substantial.


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