From there to here

Today we’re going to take a journey on how I put together today’s outfit.

This morning I had an outfit idea in mind.  I was going to wear a new to me wool skirt(thrifted from Goodwill) with a white button up, black tights, my mustard cardigan and mustard heels.  I couldn’t find my nude bra however, which is essential to wearing a white button up.

I thought that I could just switch out the white button up for a black button up, but my black long sleeve button up is way to baggy and I looked completely frumpy.  I didn’t even take pictures of it.

I held up a few other choices and nothing seemed to go well with the skirt(despite the fact that it is a neutral color), then I decided to try it with a turtleneck sweater I own but rarely wear(because I hate turtlenecks).


I thought I could improve it and add some much needed warmth by topping it with another goodwill find, my brown wool blazer.


I wasn’t in love but I figured it was good enough.  I also decided I wasn’t going to be wearing that sweater to work though I would be featuring it on the blog.  The sleeves are sooo tight it makes it hard to get on/off, which ordinarily would be something you’d necessarily worry about at work, but I go to the gym each day at lunch and I didn’t want to have to deal with wrangling that thing on after my workout.

I decided my cream lace shirt would work well with the colors and textures of the skirt, but had no plans to photograph the look. Once I put it on, I realized it was definitely worth posting on the blog.


I also tried it with the jacket unbuttoned:


And buttoned:


{Turtleneck: Victorias Secret, Skirt: Goodwill(originally Talbots), Blazer: Goodwill(originally Banana Republic), Necklaces: F21, Coral Pumps: Lela Rose for Payless, Plaid Pumps: Burlington Coat Factory}

I started with the blazer, but I’ve already taken it off because it is way too hot in my office(they’re got the air conditioning cranking).

Hubby actually picked out the second pair of pumps.  We were shopping at Burlington several years ago, he saw the shoes and said they were perfect for me so we bought them.  The man has good taste, what can I say?

Do you ever start with one idea for an outfit in mind and end up with a totally different look by the time you leave for work(or whatever event you’re headed to)?




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