Holiday Dress Challenge

In case I haven’t made it clear on the blog here, I love to dress up.  I love having an occasion to go and pick out a special dress to wear.  Typically, that has always meant going to the store and purchasing a dress for whatever occasion I deem worthy(wedding, symphony, graduation, Christmas party) or re-wearing a dress from a previous event.

This year, since I’ve gotten so(sew…haha) into sewing, I thought, why not *make* my own special dresses for any and all events I have this holiday season?

So, in addition to cranking out awesome, homemade Christmas gifts for my family, I’m challenging myself to make not one, but FOUR dresses and one skirt for different holiday parties and events(also, I’m making a petticoat to “pouf” out the skirts of the dresses).  I have confidence in myself that I can meet this challenge and the fabric already washed and ready to go for each and every dress.

I can pretty much get a whole dress put together and finished in a day if I have already cut out the fabric, so now that starting this Monday I am only working 5 days a week instead of 6, plus I have 4 days off for Thanksgiving, I am not too worried about having enough time.

The first dress, which I am currently constructing, is made from fabric I purchased almost a year ago when I was just getting into sewing.  It’s a beautiful blue plaid silk and I’ve not felt ready to tackle such nice fabric until now.  I’m going to be using the same pattern I used to make The Dorothy Dress  but modifying the skirt a bit so that it’s more poufy(which I’ll get into in another post). I plan to wear it on Thanksgiving so I have to hurry and finish it this weekend!

Here’s the fabric:


*ETA: I’m actually about 99% done with this dress.  I could wear it right now, but I want to add some detail to the sleeve by way of a cuff as well as make a sash to tie around my waist. I plan to finish these details either tonight after work or tomorrow.*

The next event I want to make a dress for, is my office Christmas party.  I’m planning to make a v-neck cocktail length dress with full skirt from some green python fabric hubby picked out at Hancock Fabrics. It was on clearance marked down from some ridiculous amount($12-15/yard) to about $2 so we bought all they had.  I think I have at least  5-6 yards.  Enough for two dresses at least.  I’m planning to also make(though NOT for this Holiday season) a pencil dress with this fabric as well.

Something like this, with a longer skirt:

In this fabric:

The week after the party, my husband and parents are going to the annual Christmas Concert put on my the Savannah Symphony.  This will be our third year attending and it is a formal event.

I have had this pattern for a few months, just trying to find the right fabric.  I didn’t want to do black because formal dresses are always black, but I didn’t want a colorful dress to make it look like a bridesmaid dress.  In the end, I went with a dark plum faux silk because silk prices are out of control($20+ a yard).

In this fabric(which has a lot more red in it in real life than this picture shows):

We usually go to the Christmas Eve Service at our church followed by a family dinner(either at a restaurant or at home).  I saw this dress at Shabby Apple and fell in love(but not with the over $100 price tag).

I already had a pattern than looked exactly like the dress, so I bought some black satin and black lace(the Shabby Apple dress is navy but I want it in black)

Finally, for Christmas Day I found this skirt from Anthropologie made from layers of tulle:

I got the supplies for this for less than $10 from Walmart!

I’ll be checking in periodically with my progress and specific posts on each item as they are completed.

Holiday Sewing extravaganza kicks off now!



4 thoughts on “Holiday Dress Challenge

  1. Naomi Elf says:

    I’ve been looking for a tulle skirt for a while! It never occurred to me to make my own from the fabric store! Would you be willing to post a tutorial on it when you are one? 🙂

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I will document the process and if it works out, I will publish a tutorial of how I did it. After working with tulle to make a petticoat, I’m less confident in my abilities to create this skirt but I’m going to give it my best shot!

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