Rainy Days

It’s chilly and rainy here in Georgia.  It’s quite a contrast to where we used to live in Florida where it’s 80 degrees and sunny vs. 45 degrees and rainy here.  I don’t mind though because I love overcast skies. I think I’m secretly a vampire because I pretty much hate the sun most of the time.

Anyways, just because the weather is grey, it doesn’t mean my outfit has to be, so I’m wearing some bright colors.  Also, I seem to be wearing teal for the 100th time this week.  I didn’t plan on wearing it every single day this week, but it happened.

Option 1:

My tights are dark brown but they look black in these photos.


Option 2:


Option 3:


{Blouse: Goodwill(originally Banana Republic), Skirt: Banana Republic, Cardigan: Maurices, Tights: Kohls, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Ebay}

I am off work tomorrow, so no outfit post, but I’ll be bringing you a sewing post about all the projects I have planned for the next few weeks.



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