I’m all about mixing today.  We’ve got pattern mixing and color blocking(color mixing) going on in my outfit today.  It’s playful and fun, but still professional enough at least for my office.

Also, I’m kind of in love with my hair today.  It’s big and poufy and I adore it.  I still had “volume” from yesterday’s back combing(no I don’t wash my hair everyday, it gets too dry), so I just curled it all over with my 1″ curling iron and then ran my fingers through it, fluffing it up to build volume. Then I liberally sprayed it with hair spray.

Option 1:





Option 2:



Option 3:


And just in case you don’t have bright teal shoes or don’t want to wear heels, it still looks pretty good with black flats:


{Shirt: Old Navy, Cardigan/Skirt: Limited, Tights: DKNY, Pumps: Rack Room, Flats: Rockport(bows added by me), Necklace: Target, Headband: Gift}

So, on Monday, the office manager and I both were wearing black and purple.  Today, we are both wearing polka dot cardigans with teal accents!  No planning on our part…we just obviously have such similar tastes we end up coordinating half the time!

My girls are at the groomer’s today for their once yearly trim.  I try to keep up with the grooming most of the time, but every 10-12 months or so, I just can’t stand the thought of spending all those hours cutting and clipping them and I take them to the groomer.  I’ll get some pictures of them and their sassy new do’s later.




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