Quintessential Fall

When I think of fall, I think of merlot’s, mustards, browns, deep oranges and animal prints.  The outfit I put together today incorporates almost all of these colors/patterns and is the “poster” child for fall dressing.  You know that I tend not to restrict my colors and patterns to specific seasons, but this combination is so “FALL” I doubt I’d wear it in any other season.


Option 1:  Apparently my hem is falling out and I didn’t notice it until I saw this picture!


Option 2: I buttoned up the cardigan leaving only the bow peaking out and switched out the skirt for a sleeker pencil skirt.


{Blouse: Goodwill(originally Loft), A-Line Skirt: Banana Outlet, Pencil Skirt: JC Penney, Cardigan: Old Navy, Shoes: Urbanog.com}

I swear it seems the earlier I get up, the later to work I am….It’s because the more time I have in the mornings, the more I think I can get accomplished and then suddenly it’s time to leave for work and I still need to make coffee and pack my gym bag. Does anyone else have this problem?





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