Theme Week 4: Dressing for All Seasons Day 2: Polka Dot Tie Neck Blouse

When I cut my hair 6 weeks ago, I had partially been motivated to have a shorter style so that I could follow some of the tutorials I’ve seen on The Small Things Blog as well as various pinterest pins.  My long hair was too thick for such styles.  I ended up having my stylist cut it much shorter than originally planned and it was too short for the styles I wanted to try. Now, that it’s grown out some, I figured it was time to attempt a new ‘do.  I started out by curling my hair to add texture and volume….and I ended up liking how it looked so much I just left it as is….

Maybe next time I’ll experiment with a cute up-do or style….Haha

So today, I’m using my polka dot tie neck blouse as my “piece” that will go for each season.  I really like the trend of these tie neck blouses. I know that my mom used to wear them in the 80s(I’ve seen the pictures) and typically I don’t love 80s fashion, but this is one style  from the 80s that can stay around.

The blouse is from The Limited.


These colors just scream spring to me!


{Cardigan: Gap, Skirt: Limited, Shoes: Ross, Bracelet: NY&Co}




{Skirt: Made by Me, Shoes: WHBM, Headband: Michael’s}


Ok, you know those outfits you see on other people/bloggers/fashion ads and you get really excited and think “THAT is an awesome outfit” I love it. I must wear something like it….I don’t want to come across as conceited or whatever, but I thought that about this outfit….meaning, if I saw this outfit on someone else, I would immediately want to re-create it.  I just love it.  It’s what I’m actually wearing today.

{Sweater: Loft, Skirt: JC Penney, Tights: Dillards(DKNY), Shoes:}

Okay so these tights.  My SIL bought them for me when the hubby and I were just dating….I’m talking AT LEAST 8 years ago.  They have lasted with me for 8 winter seasons of me wearing and washing them multiple times. They do now have a whole in the left back leg, but my skirt covers it so I will continue to wear them until they become absolutely un-wearable.  Also, I think, I will go buy some more DKNY tights because obviously the last and are worth the higher price.


For my winter look, I again went for the sweater+blazer combo, but this time with pants and boots for added “warmth”(not that I would ever need it around here, but…).  It’s hard to pose with a blazer on…..If I put my hand on my hip the blazer pokes out awkwardly, but if I hold my hands done, it looks probably equally as awkward…..

 {Blazer: Kenneth Cole(from a suit, OLD!), Pants/Sweater: Loft, Boots: DSW}

These boots are really on their last leg(haha pun not intended).  The leg opening has stretched over the years and now they bunch up.  I’m hoping to find some leather boots in the after Christmas/winter sales.  I have picked out a nice pair from Lands End, but currently they cost way more than I want to pay.

In other news, it’s been too difficult trying to maintain this blog plus blog about sewing at Redhead Couture, so I’m planning to move the posts from there to this blog and I’ll have a separate page with links to my sewing tutorials/ect.  And I hope to start posting about sewing again soon, because I’ve been doing  a TON of it lately(I’m making pretty much all Christmas gifts this year).



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