I don’t have any more outfit pictures from my sister(hint hint sister dear!!) so I can’t do a teacher thursday today.  Instead, I’m bringing you an outfit that reminds me somehow of Alice in Wonderland.  I guess it’s fitting to have a fairy tale inspired outfit the day after Halloween(where I dressed up as an Evil Queen!).

For this look, you can layer either a sleeveless blouse under the dress so only the collar peeks out:





Or you can use a long sleeve blouse and roll up the sleeves(this is how I wore it and how hubby liked it best):




And just in case platform booties aren’t appropriate for you, it still looks good with simple black pumps.


{Sleeveless Blouse: Ann Taylor, Long-Sleeve Blouse: Goodwill(originally Banana), Dress: Goodwill(originally JC Penney, Necklace: Tuesday Morning, Booties:, Pumps: Target}

Did you have many trick or treaters last night?  Last year we had more than expected and nearly ran out of candy….this year I expected even more since our neighborhood has grown….but we didn’t even have as many as last year.  Everyone I’ve talked to said they had less than expected as well.

Most of the kids and adults were far more interested in looking at/petting the dogs than picking out candy!  We had one family that the parents were smoking cigarettes and came up to the door and stood there petting the girls.  It made our entire house smell like cigarette smoke, which is not a scent hubby nor I enjoy.  We also had several groups that were not dressed up in costumes and multiple people who were definitely too old to be trick or treating(and didn’t have little kids with them).  All in all, it was a strange night and the kids stopped coming at about 8:00 which is much earlier than last year.


2 thoughts on “Alice

  1. Kristin@rarenonsense says:

    Love the layered look with the dress. Unless it is a top and cardigan. i have trouble layering. I aleays worry it will make me look bulky. Your hair looks fantastic in these photos!
    Rare Nonsense

    • guitargrl325 says:

      you do have to be careful with layering. I don’t have hard and fast rules on how to layer, but generally, lighter fabrics layer better with the more fitted pieces underneath of looser pieces. In the end though, the mirror, pictures and/or friend/SO input can help you decide once you’ve got an outfit on. I’ve put pieces together thinking they’ll make a great look and when I see them on they just DO NOT work at all together.

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