Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!  Halloween ranks up there as one of my favorite holidays because I LOVE to dress up(I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn this).

I’ve never worked at an office that dressed up for Halloween before, so my original plan was to wear my Joan Holloway costume today(see this post) since more than likely it wouldn’t necessarily be immediately identifiable as a costume(and it wasn’t. Not even one person thought I was wearing a costume!).

Once we got permission to dress up for Halloween, I realized I wanted to do something more dramatic but I didn’t want to spend any money on said costume(I had spent quite a bit on my Joan dress already).  I saw a picture on Martha Stewart’s website of a makeup tutorial for an Evil Queen, and I figured I could pull that off with makeup, accessories and clothing I already had.  This look literally cost me $0 and I love it!

I am wearing my bridesmaids dress from my sister’s wedding along with a shrug I got for my cousin’s wedding.  I added some clip in hair extensions(that I’ve had forever) and tied a bib necklace around my head for a “crown”.  I am wearing three different necklaces around my neck and I made the “gloves” this morning from some scrap fabric.  Overall, I’m pleased with the look and so far the response has been very positive from the patients.  They think it’s awesome and some have commented that they wished that their offices would allow them to dress up.

Just a caveat about this pics….the dress makes me look pregnant.  Between the shininess of the satin and the extra fabric around the belly that pooches out a little, I definitely look 5 months pregnant in the pictures.  I am not pregnant though.  Not even close.

The makeup is black eyeliner and red lipstick plus white eye shadow.  That’s it. No fancy halloween makeup or body paint.  Just stuff you’d ordinarily have in your makeup bag.

I’ll definitely be keeping this on for when the kids come trick-or-treating tonight.  We will be dressing up the girls in their costumes as well so that should be fun for all the kiddos! I’ll try to get some pictures of them up here later.

You can check out costumes from other years here.

Did you dress up today?



3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’m a blogger slacker obviously, but thank you almost a month(and another holiday) later! All the patients LOVED it. I figured, if you’re going to dress up, go all out. Go big or go home I always say.

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