Better in Theory

When I put the pieces of this outfit together in my mind, it looked a lot better than what I’m seeing in my pictures.  I was running short on time this morning so I didn’t get a chance to try out different versions of this outfit so I only have one picture for you to look at.

I got these pants in the spring time on final sale clearance and hemmed them myself(they were a size long).  I’m glad to finally get to wear them(they’re wool so I had to wait until cooler temps to debut them).

This outfit is comfortable and warm(it’s chilly and windy out today) so I’m happy enough with how it looks in person even if the photos are less than stellar…..


{Sweater/Pants: Ann Taylor Loft,  Blouse: Thrifted(originally Ny&Co), Belt: Old Navy, Shoes: Ross, Headband: Payless, Necklaces: F21}

Tomorrow my office is dressing up for Halloween.  I’m going as an Evil Queen from a fairy tale.  Not one fairy tale in particular…just a conglomeration of evil queens.  It should be fun and whimsical for the patients and any trick or treaters than come through our office park.  Do you dress up at work? What about for handing out candy to the little ones?




2 thoughts on “Better in Theory

  1. ashley says:

    I totally understand when an outfit doesn’t quite turned out as planned. However, I love this look! By the way, can’t wait to see your Halloween costume!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I can’t believe that I didn’t reply to your comment before now. I’m really embarrassed that I let it go so long. I actually wore this outfit to a conference a couple weeks ago(but with jeans instead of wool pants). I walked to the conference from my hotel(about 1 mile) and my feet were so torn up from those shoes that I had to walk home barefoot! It was ridiculous! Thanks for the compliment even though I’m very belated in replying.

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