Joan Holloway

So this past weekend was my sister and brother-in-law’s Halloween party.  The hubby and I had planned to go as Joan Holloway and Roger Sterling from Mad Men.  I even made my own dress/costume.  Unfortunately, it didn’t end up working out for us to be able to make the trip(Hubby’s job got in the way), so I didn’t get a chance to wear the dress I had made especially for the party.

So, I figured today was as good a day as any to wear the dress.  It must be similar enough to the styles that I normally wear, because not one person has commented on it being “old-fashioned” or “costumey” or asked me about it, other than to say that I look really nice and that they love the dress.

This dress was my inspiration:

It’s from Season 2: Episode One(in case you wanted to go watch it).  I did have the supplies to make a brooch almost exactly like hers and I purchased some earrings and a watch from Goodwill to complete the look.  But I didn’t end up using them for my look today because I hadn’t yet taken the time to make the brooch and I can’t find the bag that has my Goodwill accessories in it!  I ended up just using a brooch I already had.

I did try to mimic her makeup and hairstyle to the best of my abilities, as well as wear nude panty hose like she’s wearing.

Today is also the first day where it’s chilly enough to wear a jacket!  I’m really excited because the white coat I got on my trip to North Carolina in March is perfect with this dress.

I’m putting off my final theme week till next week because I wanted to wear my Joan “costume” today and I’ll be wearing a different costume on Wednesday for the actual day of Halloween.

I am putting together a post about the construction of this dress, because I took a pattern I already owned and altered it to make the right neckline and I wanted to tell you how I did it in case it’s something you ever decide to do.

I’ve already got several ideas in place for other ways I can wear this dress and make it an integral part of my wardrobe(and not *just* a costume).  I look forward to sharing my ideas with you!



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